Altai Technologies: Advanced Wireless Broadband Solution to SanJiang University

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Altai Technologies Brings Advanced Wireless Broadband Solution to SanJiang University in China

SanJiang University in Nanjing, China has deployed Altai’s A8 Super WiFi base stations across its dormitory area. The network has been constructed by Nanjing Putian and is powered by Altai Technologies. Five Altai A8 base stations have installed in the residence hall area to provide reliable outdoor and indoor WiFi coverage. The wireless network, which is based on Altai’s super WiFi technology, has been rolled out across 14 buildings in the dormitory area, providing 100% indoor and outdoor coverage. There are many challenges to setting up a wireless network on a campus because it is a very dynamic environment and requires high capacity for many simultaneous users. The smart antenna technology and advanced signal processing algorithm of the Altai A8 base station help solve these problems, providing excellent network performance to the students. The Altai A8 base station utilizes both smart antenna technologies to increase the average signal-to-noise ration (SNR) and signal selection diversity to improve signal performance under multi-path fading situations. With these cutting-edge wireless technologies, the Altai A8 base station has improved the outdoor WiFi signal coverage area by a significant 10 times per base station, to achieve a non-line-of-sight radius of up to 500m in the dormitory area. The decision to deploy a wireless network was driven by the overwhelming demand from students and the widespread adoption of wireless technology such as laptop on the campus. Prior to the implementing the

wireless technology, students were required to go to the IT center for an Internet connection. Today, students who stay in the residence hall can access the campus network and surf the Internet for free from inside their rooms at anytime. The wireless network also helps enable interactive learning in the SanJiang University. Furthermore, Altai’s super WiFi...
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