Alphabetical Listing Is Discriminatory

Topics: Randomness, Management, Collation Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: May 21, 2006
Alphabetical listings are effective and organized systems of filing information. Some find the system unfair because it singles out people with last names starting with letters at the end of the alphabet. This person doesn't want to admit that it could start from Z to A. Alphabetical order is an easy system and should not be banned because of the ludicrous thought of unfairness.

One of the strongest arguments against this system is that people with last names starting with letters found at the end of the alphabet always get picked last. This might happen more, but the system of organizing this information shouldn't be affected. If people with names starting with letters found at the end of the alphabet feel that the system takes advantage of them. You can reverse the order would solve this problem. Names starting with Z would begin and A would be at the end. The alphabetical system isn't the problem. Any set of list will always have a beginning and an end. For example, if a system was set up to order people that are tallest first and shortest last, people that are short would complain. This means that somebody always is last, no matter what. Alphabetical order makes it perfect and no discrimination would exist. A system of random selection would randomly pick without unfairness, as well as the order in which the people go in. This system would make sure a fair picking so that no particular order would go first again. The alphabetical system should not be messed up, simply to make sure of fair picking. Alphabetical ordering does exactly that. It helps organize names and creates an easier finding. Simply because it is organized this way, it does not limit how it is used. You could have a random alphabetically organized list to create a fair choosing without having a new roster every time.

Because of the randomness of any roster, there is no need to break up this effective system. These are my reason to maintain an already proven effective...
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