Along for the Ride

Topics: Sarah Dessen, Family, W. H. Auden Pages: 3 (1197 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Stacie Golebiewski
Title: Along For The Ride
Author: Sarah Dessen
Setting: A small beach town of Colby, North Carolina
Auden West is the protagonist in the story. She was a quiet girl who didn’t know that she didn’t have the life a normal teenager should have until she met Eli Eli Stock starts out as a secretive outsider because his best friend Abe died in a car accident when a man ran a red light. He kept his feelings all to himself until he met Auden. Eli and Auden taught each other how to grow and love. Robert West is Auden’s father. He divorced Auden’s mom once he found out that she was making more money. He is described as arrogant mean and nasty in the book. Heidi West is Auden’s stepmom who has been married to Robert for a little more than a year. Thisbe is the newborn daughter of Heidi and Robert. She was described in the book as “colicky” because she wouldn’t sleep at night. Ten major events:

1 Instead of staying at home all summer with her mom Auden decides to visit her dad, stepmom, and new baby sister, Thisbe. While packing, she fills her suitcase with her textbooks to begin her college reading not know what will happen that summer. 2 When she gets to her stepmother’s Heidi and her dad’s Roberts house, her dad was busy writing a book and her stepmom looked really very tired since her baby sister, Thisbe was crying all night. 3 She asked Heidi if she needed any help. Heidi asked her if she can work at the shop Clementines she works at. Auden soon met a couple friends. 4 Once her dad was finished with his book, he had took them out to a café with the “greatest onion rings ever.” Once they were there though Thisbe began crying and Auden had volunteered to calm her down. So she took her outside where she met Eli who offered to help and she accepted. He had taught her the “elevator” in which really helped calm her down. 5 One night she went to the diner where across from the bike shop where Eli worked. She sees Eli who went into the...
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