Alone Together

Topics: Tinker Bell, Lost Boys, Hook Pages: 4 (1580 words) Published: June 26, 2013
Alone together : A Peter Pan and Wendy story

"mother Wendy! We're back !" Slightly cried as he and the lost boys scrambled into the Underground Home after a day of fun and adventure in Neverland . "welcome back boys , " Wendy smiled, standing before the boys with quiet dignity . " Did you have fun ? " Lots ! I fought a pirate with my bare hands ! " Nibs bragged , grinning up at Wendy . "No you didn't, Nibs ! We did " the twins said in unison .

" No! I did" Curly shouted, advancing towards the others. Didn't I, John ?" " As a proper English gentleman, I say I fought him!" John crossed his arms. " No I did!" Michael whined, catching on to the argument. "And Tootles saw me." " I thought Peter fought the pirate," Tootles, ever the slow one, said, scratching his head. "No he didn't, Tootles!" the twins put up their fists at the same time. "Wait!" Wendy held up a hand, looking around the Underground Home. "Where is Peter ?" "Dunno, Curley shrugged. " Guess he left us some time."

" I hope he's alright," Wendy frowned. "It's not like him to be home late." "Yes it is, " Nibs shrugged .
But suddenly , the tunnel leading from peter's tree to the underground home opened its door and Peter Pan himself stood at its opening. However, he looked hardly himself. His face was flushed , and he was shaking uncontrollably. However, he raised his eyes to Wendy and forced a smile. " Hello, Wendy," his voice was hoarse and raspy. "oh Peter!" Wendy cried , running over to him. She put a hand to his forehead, pushing aside his auburn hair . she gasped and pulled back in horror. " Peter , you have a terrible fever !" "AWW, Wendy , I'm fine, " John piped up.

"Hey. You're the one in the dress," Peter snapped wearily.
"it's a long night shirt !" John defended himself.
"Call it whatever you want, but it's a dress," Peter fought back . "Peter, sit down " Wendy instructed , breaking up the quibble. "Wendy"
" Peter , please do as you are told," Wendy crossed her arms. "Yes mother,"...
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