Almajiri Systems

Topics: Niger, Nigeria, Islam Pages: 4 (1365 words) Published: March 11, 2012
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Almajiri is a word borrowed from Arabic for someone who leaves his home in search of knowledge in Islamic religion and precisely they are males. In the ideal situation, the communities should support these children as they leave their families to become a servant of Allah, and in some places it is known as the Tsangaya school of Arabic where people learn and serve Allah in some Northern parts of Nigeria. Unfortunately this has not been the case in northern Nigeria and many young boys are leaving their homes only to end up in the streets begging. They have no one to turn to. Voluntary Service Overseas and some private and nonprofit organizations in Nigeria travel to this northern part to provide funds to the foundations to build a center or facility for the boys. The center in some places is quite small and outnumbered by the children. Of recent, there is a renewed interest on the age-old almajiri systems of Islamic scholarship in Northern Nigeria as evidenced by the seminars, conferences on the topics in which many scholars and analyst proposed many different and far-reaching measures that might possibly help to address and solve the issue.  

The almajiri system, according to many observers have long outlived the  purpose it was earlier set to accomplish and therefore  need   complete overhauling in order  to conform with the needs of  modern times. For instead of being a breeding ground for the learned ulamas who are the torch bearers of our sacred religion as obtain in other Islamic climes; it has unfortunately become a rich avenue for the mass productions of miscreants, thugs and vagabonds.  

Elites and elder statesmen in the Federal public are fighting for the passing of write-ups on the controversial  almajiri bill. I only want to highlight my observations on a salient area that has not been given adequate emphasis in the efforts to restructure the system for...
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