Allotment Management System Requirement Document

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Requirement V1.0

Project: Estate Management Allotment System Created Date: 12th August 2010

Estate Management Allotment System Software will manage the allotment of Quarters, maintain allottees information and license fee recovered against each quarters. This will give an ease to Track or monitor the data on periodical basis. The online system makes it in easy by providing the online facility to View, Add, Delete or update any information. Also this Software comprises of Reports that will help the Management to fetch the desired information at timely manner. The higher management can view the day to day activity and will able to restrict the biasness if any happen while doing allotment. The approval workflow will help to get an Online approval and makes an easy process to the allotment applications and automates the process.

1.0 Users:

There will be 4 types of users who can access this application and will be able to add, delete or update information as per the Privileges and rights. Following types will elaborate that which type of audience will fall in which type of category.

Types of Users:
1. Admin User
2. Supervisor
3. Entry Level User
4. Guest

1.11 Admin user:

Admin user will be the key User who will be whole sole administrator of the application. He will have all the access of application which includes User Creation, User Rights, Modules, Information to be shown and approval workflow.

1.12 User Creation:

Admin user will create different types of Users and give them Rights as per their role. After the creation, user will be able to access the application and will be able to see or add/update or delete information as per the rights given. Modules of the application will be displayed per the rights given by Admin to the users. They can just see those modules and update the information for those only.

While doing the Creation of users, Admin will update the following information in User Profile. • User name (Mandatory)
• Password (Mandatory)
• User Full name (Mandatory)
• Office (to which he or she belongs) (Mandatory)
• Address (Street, City, Zip) (Optional)
• Email ID (Mandatory)

After filling these things then user will be able to Login to the application

1.12 User Rights and Privileges:

When the user is created then Admin will give him Rights as per the Role (This will be defined by Customer). In this section, all the modules will be displayed and the Transactions that are there in that module. There will be checkbox against the modules. Admin will check those Checkboxes and click on Save to save the information. Once the rights are saved and user login to the application then the modules that are assigned will be reflected to the user in the application.

❖ Admin user will have the right that which information need to be kept or should be deleted. Other users will have this privilege as per their rights and if that is not with them then they need to get this thing done from the Admin. ❖ Admin user will have the right that which information needs to be updated. Other users will have this privilege as per their rights and if that is not with them then they need to get this thing done from the Admin. ❖ Admin will have the privilege to show the information such as that when Online Allotment form will be available for the General Public and for which date it should be displayed. This is on sole creation of the Admin user ❖ Admin user will have the privilege to see the Grid View of all the quarters ❖ Admin User will have the privilege to see the vacant quarters ❖ Admin user will able to edit the License Fee and Damage fee ❖ Admin user will be able to Add the Challan fee against the quarters ❖ Admin will setup the workflow in which the Approval will happen

1.21 Supervisor:

These are basically Higher...
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