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Allotment Management System Requirement Document

By ajassra Dec 29, 2010 1780 Words

Requirement V1.0

Project: Estate Management Allotment System Created Date: 12th August 2010

Estate Management Allotment System Software will manage the allotment of Quarters, maintain allottees information and license fee recovered against each quarters. This will give an ease to Track or monitor the data on periodical basis. The online system makes it in easy by providing the online facility to View, Add, Delete or update any information. Also this Software comprises of Reports that will help the Management to fetch the desired information at timely manner. The higher management can view the day to day activity and will able to restrict the biasness if any happen while doing allotment. The approval workflow will help to get an Online approval and makes an easy process to the allotment applications and automates the process.

1.0 Users:

There will be 4 types of users who can access this application and will be able to add, delete or update information as per the Privileges and rights. Following types will elaborate that which type of audience will fall in which type of category.

Types of Users:
1. Admin User
2. Supervisor
3. Entry Level User
4. Guest

1.11 Admin user:

Admin user will be the key User who will be whole sole administrator of the application. He will have all the access of application which includes User Creation, User Rights, Modules, Information to be shown and approval workflow.

1.12 User Creation:

Admin user will create different types of Users and give them Rights as per their role. After the creation, user will be able to access the application and will be able to see or add/update or delete information as per the rights given. Modules of the application will be displayed per the rights given by Admin to the users. They can just see those modules and update the information for those only.

While doing the Creation of users, Admin will update the following information in User Profile. • User name (Mandatory)
• Password (Mandatory)
• User Full name (Mandatory)
• Office (to which he or she belongs) (Mandatory)
• Address (Street, City, Zip) (Optional)
• Email ID (Mandatory)

After filling these things then user will be able to Login to the application

1.12 User Rights and Privileges:

When the user is created then Admin will give him Rights as per the Role (This will be defined by Customer). In this section, all the modules will be displayed and the Transactions that are there in that module. There will be checkbox against the modules. Admin will check those Checkboxes and click on Save to save the information. Once the rights are saved and user login to the application then the modules that are assigned will be reflected to the user in the application.

❖ Admin user will have the right that which information need to be kept or should be deleted. Other users will have this privilege as per their rights and if that is not with them then they need to get this thing done from the Admin. ❖ Admin user will have the right that which information needs to be updated. Other users will have this privilege as per their rights and if that is not with them then they need to get this thing done from the Admin. ❖ Admin will have the privilege to show the information such as that when Online Allotment form will be available for the General Public and for which date it should be displayed. This is on sole creation of the Admin user ❖ Admin user will have the privilege to see the Grid View of all the quarters ❖ Admin User will have the privilege to see the vacant quarters ❖ Admin user will able to edit the License Fee and Damage fee ❖ Admin user will be able to Add the Challan fee against the quarters ❖ Admin will setup the workflow in which the Approval will happen

1.21 Supervisor:

These are basically Higher Management people who are involved to see the day to day activities of Entry level users. ❖ Supervisor User will be able to see all the modules
❖ Supervisor user will be able to generate all types of Reports ❖ Supervisor user will be involved in all Approval Group ❖ Retention of Quarters will be given if Supervisor will approve that request ❖ Supervisor will waive or put Fees (License Fee/Damage) ❖ Supervisor will have the facility to Add, delete and Edit any information in any module

1.31 Entry Level User:

These are those users who will enter the information into the application on daily basis.

❖ Entry Level user will be able to access only those modules that are assigned by Admin User ❖ Entry Level user can just Add the information to the system ❖ Entry Level user can delete or Edit the information with Admin approval ❖ Entry Level user can view the report as per Admin approval

1.41 Guest:

Guest user can only view the information. They are basically the Allottees who will be involved in filling Online forms and sending the requests through Home page without Login into the application.

2.0 Modules:

These are the modules that are involved in the application. Following is the list of modules and it will elaborate their functionality.

1. Apartments
2. Booking
3. Pending Cases
4. Monthly Rent
5. User History
6. Approval Group
7. Quarter History
8. Notice generation
9. Pending Payment
10. Reports

2.1 Apartments:

In this module, list of all quarters with respect to the Categories will be displayed. That will be displayed in a grid view where information of the Allottee will be displayed against the Quarter. ❖ There are in total 6 Categories of Quarters

❖ There are in total 2000 quarters
❖ List of last 5 allottees will be displayed for each Quarter ❖ Date of Possession will be displayed against the quarter ❖ Date of Vacancy will be displayed against the quarter ❖ Date of Retention if any will be displayed against the quarter ❖ If any pending payment, will be displayed against that quarter

Note: This module will be accessible to Admin and Super Visor

2.2 Booking:

In this module, Allotment of quarters will be done as per the Online forms submitted by Allottees. ❖ Online forms should be accepted against the Vacant Quarters ❖ Entry Level User will Add Allottee against the Vacant Quarters ❖ Allottee will be allotted only 1 quarter at a time

❖ Allottees Information will be added
❖ Date of Joining and Date of Retirement (60 yrs)
❖ Allottee Office detail that to which office He/ She belong ❖ Designation of the Allottee
❖ Due Date of Vacation
❖ Actual date of Vacation (Counted from Date of Retirement) ❖ Damage Charges if any
❖ Change to Quarter No.(if he/she change)
❖ Date of Change

Note: This Module will be accessible to Admin, Supervisor and Entry level User

2.3 Pending Cases:

This module will list all the allotment Cases that are in pending state because of Admin or Supervisor Approval. Also, special approval cases like retention after allotment period is over will be displayed.

Note: This module will be accessible to Admin and Super Visor.

2.4 Monthly Rent:

In this module, Entry level User will be involved to Add the License Fee against the allotted quarters. The License fee will be taken from March to Feb. ❖ It will cover Monthly License Fee deducted

❖ Assessment of the Month
❖ Adjustment if Less or more License Fee is taken
❖ It will also Capture the Balance if any
❖ It will be displayed for the Current Year say 2010-2011 ❖ Previous year details for that quarters can also be displayed ❖ Remarks Text box to add any information such as while doing adjustment user will enter the remarks that’s why it happened

Note: This Module will be accessible to Admin, Supervisor and Entry level User

2.5 User History:

In this module, all the User information will be kept. It will involve the Addition, deletion or Updation done by any user with date and time. This will be basically involved in monitoring purpose and track when or by whom the information is added/deleted/updated.

Note: This module will be accessible to Admin and Supervisor.

2.6 Approval Group:

This module comprises the involvement and approval by different groups against any request. The flow will be as

AAO stands for Asst. Account Officer
AO stands for Account Officer
DAG stands for Deputy Accountant General

The approval will be routed always from Asst. Account Officer.

Note: This module will be accessible to Admin and Supervisor.

2.7 Quarter History:

In this module, details of Quarter can be viewed with all the current and Previous details. ❖ Quarter will be searched with Quarter Number
❖ Search can be also performed by Choosing the Category and then Quarter Number ❖ Quarter detail will contain the current Allottee information ❖ Last 5 Allottees details can be also viewed against that quarter ❖ If there is some pending Payment then Allottee/Quarter will be highlighted as Defaulter ❖ All the Pending payments will be displayed with reference to License Fee or Damage Fee ❖ Date of Vacation will be also displayed

❖ Date of Retention will be displayed if the Quarter Retention is allowed by Admin/Supervisor

Note: This module will be accessible to Admin and Supervisor.

2.8 Notice Generation:

In this module, a notice will be generated to the Corresponding Offices for the list of defaulters. This notice will elaborate the reason for marking the Allottee Defaulter.

Note: This will be accessible by Admin only.

2.9 Pending Payment:
In this module, Pending payments will be entered through Admin. ❖ Admin will be able to View the Pending Payment against that Quarter ❖ Admin will be able to search the Quarter with the search criteria as in Quarter History ❖ Admin will enter the Challan Number and the Fee pending against that Quarter ❖ Admin will be able to Add the Remarks against the Payment made ❖ All Challan detail will be maintained in Remarks section for further tracking ❖ After the Challan Fee is saved, Allottee/Quarter will be removed from Defaulter list ❖ Pending Payment can be waived if Supervisor will give the permission

Note: This module will be accessible to Admin and Supervisor.

2.10 Reports:

This module will generate the reports for the required information to be fetched from the application with respect to the Time Frame entered.

❖ Allotted Quarter Report
← Category wise
← Quarter Number
← Date of Possession
← Date of Retention

❖ License Fee Report
← Date Range
← Month wise
← Year wise

❖ Vacant Quarters
← Category wise
← Date Range
← Month wise
← Year wise

❖ Pending Payment
← Date Range
← Month wise
← Year wise

❖ Defaulter List ( to be generated on every year on 28th Feb) ← Date Range
← Year wise

❖ Challan Fee Report
← Date Range
← Month wise
← Year wise

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