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Recognize why it is important to follow carers' instructions in respect of their child's food allergies or intolerances:

It is important to follow parent instruction because some children may not be allowed to eat certain food such as nuts, tomatoes, food colouring such as (curry), eggs, and milk as their bodies react to them, and intolerance can cause children to develop health problems like skin condition. It can also be fatal in some cases if the body goes into anaphylactic shock, which causes your lungs to swell and have breathing difficulty. If preparing a child meal check manufactures label for content products such as nuts. Many chocolate and cake have a certain trace of nuts and all staff caring for children should be aware of children in their care with these food requirements. In my setting we cater for children with allergies and their intolerances. All their food is prepared in the kitchen separately from other foods .Only the cook or if the cook is not present on the day and senior member of staff would prepare and dish the child’s food. The child food is always prepared in the kitchen the food will then be brought in the rooms in the designated plate which is red where a qualified staff would have to check the food and sign. The senior member off staff sits with the child at all meal times until the child finish eating the child is clean and place away from the area were they could eat or pick food off the floor that can cause serious complications.
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