Allen Iverson

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02/27/2013Started From the Bottom Now He Here
When Allen Iverson was born, nobody even had a clue that he would one day do the things he did. Allen Iverson was born and raised in the projects of Hampton, Virginia. His house over looked the city’s sewer. His mom was named Ann, and his father never stuck around to watch him grow up. “Allen Iverson was one of the most loved, and hated figures in basketball,” (IMDb 1). Allen Iverson was a guy that overcame many challenges, and tragedies, and went on to become one of the greatest players, to ever play the game of basketball. Allen Iverson’s mom, was just fifteen years old when she had him, and always having a tough time making ends meet. Their house was always losing its electricity, and/or water, all because of their tough time paying the bills. Allen’s biological father did not stick around, but another man did. His name was Michael Freeman, and he was going in and out of jail his whole life. Ann feared deeply that Allen would grow up and be just like most of the male figures he was influenced by around him in his neighborhood, also fearing that young Allen would get mixed up in the gang life on the street. She saw basketball as a way out for her son. At first, Allen did not even like basketball. “His mom waited for him to come home, and she had a new pair of Jordans waiting for him,” (Pennyccw 1). After the very first practice Allen was hooked, and all he wanted to do was to play basketball. Basketball was not the only sport Iverson was good at; he was also a very good football player, the star on his team. At first, Iverson thought football was going to be the sport to take him places, and not basketball. “He played the game better, faster, and smarter than anyone around him”, (Jack Bio 1), he was oblivious to any competition that anyone threw at him. Between the two sports, Allen had enough going on already to keep him off the streets, and not running around catching drug charges, like a lot of the people his...

Cited: IMbd. “Allen Iverson Bio.” 2/27/13”Alleniverson
Was one of the most loved, and hated figures in basketball,” “Allen Iverson Biography.” 2/27/13 “His mom waited for him to come home from school, and she had a new pair of jordans waiting for him”
Jack 2/27/13 “He played the game better, faster, and smarter than anyon around him,” (Jack Bio1) 2/27/13 He played for the 76ers for 10 years, where he received awards, he got rookie of the year, league MVP, two time All-Star MVP, and lead the league in scoring for four years,” (BBAll One 2)
Larry Platt. “Only The Strong Survive.” 2/27/13 “ It did not take long for Iversons outstanding skills to become apparent.”
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