allegory of the cave

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Explain the Allegory of the Cave

The allegory of the Cave was made by Plato when he tried to explain human ignorance and how almost all humans don’t see our true reality. It refers to the Cave as what we perceive reality to be and how we are chained to a wall to only see this perceived reality.

Plato tries to make us a see a world in which the prison was to be released from his chains. Where he would feel intense pain by the light outside and dazed but the new world he begins to see, where he would also struggle to adjust at all to truth of reality and his new surroundings. After he realises that what he previously thought to be reality was in fact a lie, he tries to forget about his past life. Plato suggests that if the prisoner were led to the entrance to the cave, then this man would face the peril climb of the steep and unpredictable rocks around the cave. This journey out of the cave by the prisoner is the journey of the new philosopher to enlightenment and represents that the journey can be hard but, nonetheless, can be done. The philosopher will also be in the prisons shies when he struggles to comprehend the new world he has discovered. The process is meant to be seen as incredibly hard and trying for the philosopher as like the prison he has to break chains, his of society and climb the rocks, his understanding, to reach this enlightened state.

It is clear that Plato tried to portray a world in which the average human person is strangled by the chains of our falsified reality. This is done because Plato is trying to show how we are restrained by society and others influences which prevent us from seeing the truth. The chains, however, can be taken off. This is done to show how we have the capability to break from the chains of our false reality. Plato represents as what we see reality to be merely shadows, a glimpse of our reality. However, the prisons are shown to like these shadows and never question them, they make games out of them and...
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