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Topics: God, English-language films, Allegory Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: December 11, 2005
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By Rachel Witherspoon

Allegory is commonly known as a literary, dramatic, or pictorial representation the apparent or superficial sense of which both parallels and illustrates a deeper sense. Allegory therefore is when the author uses abstract ideas, or principles by using characters, figures, or events in a narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form. Golding uses this literary device by using two significant characters in the book. He uses Simon as an allegorical to Jesus, the beast as the Devil and Jack along with the hunters representing Paganism.

There are numerous ways to read Lord Of The Flies. Some read it as an adventure story and others see it as a metaphor for essential aspects on life. Several diverse theories have been accessible, claiming to explain Golding's symbolism. What people don't realize is that the title is an explanation in itself. Lord Of The Flies which is a Greek translation of Beelzebub meaning the devil. Therefore throughout the book is an allegory about the fight between Christian and Pagan values.

Within the book Simon is referred to as God and basically symbolizes Christianity throughout the book. For example, both Simon and God both had to face a challenge and both conquered it. Jesus won over death, and Simon survived the beast. Another example of Simon representing Jesus is that Jesus sacrificed himself for everyone on earth and Simon sacrifices himself for the boys on the island.

Symbolizing paganism we see Jack and the hunters. They only care about themselves and they don't want to follow any rules or do anything that will make them civilized. Becoming completely savage they lose all their civilized ways and the only thing that has an influence on them is the beast. In many ways the beast is almost a religion to the hunters as they start sacrificing boys and the pig to it.

Towards the end of the book Simon finally comes face to face with the beast. The symbol of Jesus and what is pure and good...
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