Allan Speech Pros and Cons of Internet and Gadgets

Topics: Internet, Pornography, Addiction Pages: 3 (632 words) Published: February 6, 2015
Dear Gavelliers good evening….
Today I’ll be speaking about a part of a serious current debate -- the debate over whether technology addiction, and especially Internet addiction, is a real mental disorder. At its annual conference last month, members of the American Medical Association considered a proposal to label excessive video and online game playing as an addiction. Let us discuss the negative effects of excessive internet and gadgets use… Constant Internet use wastes time that could be spent with friends and family. Hours wasted away typing useless messages is detrimental to personal relationships. Investing too much on Internet chats will inevitably produce a sense of deprivation, and a resulting sense of loneliness from a lack of real relationships and personal contact. Pornography is also a great disadvantage of the internet. On internet, pornographic photos and videos are easily accessible which can cast a negative impact on children and teenagers. Another downfall is the erosion of privacy. Most everything we do leaves a digital footprint, or many footprints, across the Internet. As a result, information is compiled, and often shared, especially now that the Web has gone social. Generally, there is always a way for people to access information about other people. With the early exposure of internet and other modern gadgets the kids and young people, experience greater health concerns in the form of cancer and brain tumor due to greater exposure of radiation through extensive use of these gadgets. Moreover, high decibel tunes on iPods, headphones, and loud music coming from TV sound systems increase noise pollution and cause headaches and loss of hearing issues within kids and youth at very early ages. As part of a survey One 12-year-old girl said: “The internet nearly always controls my actions. I have been told that I am addicted to the internet, and prefer its company rather than being with other people. I feel lost without the internet” It goes...
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