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Henna Rizvi
Principles of marketing
Sept 30th, 2010


Executive summary:
With the great success of our primary location of Aladdin in the upper east side of New York City, we are planning to branch out two more locations of Aladdin in the tri state area. This way there are more chances of growth of the business and expansion into new markets. Hopefully in the future, seeing how things actual go about with the next locations we plan to branch out, Aladdin may branch out internationally. This would be a totally new market target and there will be high chances of risk for the business, as there is no way of ensuring Aladdin will survive internationally.

Company Description:
Aladdin was started by the co founders Henna and Ali Rizvi. Having the aspect in mind to provide people with something completely distinctive and showing them hospitable as well as how welcoming Arabian culture can truly be. Aladdin comprises of two separate parts. Which consist of the traditional taste of the Middle East with a modern flair which would comprise of the hookah lounge.

As explained above, the cuisine and hookah lounge reflects the structure within. The restaurant comprises of the traditional Arabic architecture which gives people the sense of feel that they are in the midst of Cairo, Egypt, Morocco and so forth. Whereas the hookah lounge will transition into a twist on the modern Arabic world. Comprising of an open feel layout having a dance floor, and a place where they can move and unwind. Consumers tend to constantly come back due to to Aladdin’s high quality services and cuisine that we offer as well as the great atmosphere and affordable prices for all middle to upper- middle class families.

The target market for Aladdin ranges from the teenage generation to the older generation, this way we have a wider target market.

Aladdin has the mission to expose consumes to traditional...
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