All I Want for Christmas is Ian Somerhalder

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1233 Main Street
Miami, FL 33175
December 14, 2012

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is Ian Somerhalder to have the power to turn into a real vampire and to be on my doorstep with a tux on Christmas morning. Just kidding, even though that’s my dream come true, I would like him to get fifty million dollars for his charity to help the environment and the planet for that matter but not just for free. First off, I’m going to be in possession meanwhile, and Ian Somerhalder is going to be in Miami, for his Miami fundraiser for his charity. Secondly, I’m going to win Ian Somerhalder with the fifty million dollars you gave me Santa and were going to go to dinner and a movie, Ok that’s a little to far, how about just a movie and popcorn and after the movie is over Santa, he gets his million dollars but you have to make sure he uses those millions of dollars to help the endangered species of red sheep. Well, I think Ian Somerhalder deserves this money because he’s great, because he plays a hot vampire on TV by day and he helps the planet be night. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that after working for nineteen hours for his television show, any other time he has left he wastes on his charity, the IOS foundation and I think that, that’s determination. Santa he’s pretty much helping me survive this catastrophe that is our planet. So you see Santa, no one else deserves this more than Ian Somerhalder because he’s like a triple threat, handsome, determined to change the earth for the better, and he plays a vampire on television. What more can I ask for than this. So all I’m asking is to grant me this wish and you’ll make the happiest person alive. Well, probably not the happiest person alive but Ok just incredibly happy let’s just leave it at. Please Santa Celebrities need gift to those who are not Lindsey Lohan at least. Thank you

Sincerely, Romy; your favorite child ever

P.S – Santa this better happen or let’s just say that bad things will occur....
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