All Things Work Together

Topics: Surfing, English-language films, Hawaii Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: October 9, 2012
All Things Work Together
Bethany Hamilton was a teenager who lived in Hawaii. Her dream was to become a pro surfer. She lived with her family and was training to win Hawaii regional. Bethany and her friends one day decided to go out surfing in “the tunnel” which caused her life to change. Bethany got attacked by a shark and lost her arm as well as 60% of her blood. This delayed her time in practicing and discouraged her from surfing. Thinking that she wouldn’t be able to make it, Bethany went on a missions trip with her youth group to Thailand. She was able to learn from going that just because she lost one arm, the world isn’t going to end. She managed to still use her arm and surf. She just had to learn how to adjust to her new life. Bethany’s character sole priority in life was realization of how important having faith in God is. Her character was extremely discouraged after losing one arm which prevented her from practicing for some time. After going on a mission trip and realizing that she could do all things with help from God, she turned positive again regardless of what happened. With the trust in God, she was able to surf again as well all though hard work came along. The problem with the misplacement of priorities is that life will not be easy and will never run smooth. In Bethany’s scenario, surfing was most important to her rather than maintaining a good relationship with God. Because of this, bad events happened. After she reached out to God again, she found the path He intended for her. Bethany’s sole priority after the accident was to seek out to other people and show them that nothing changes even with one less body part. She was able to prove people she could still surf. In the end, all her hard work paid off. The shark attack caused Bethany to focus on others by sharing her testimony which inspired other people to open up about God and trying hard to reach their goals. It helped others to believe in themselves and with hard work, anything is...
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