All the Presidents Men Essay 6

Topics: Carl Bernstein, All the President's Men, Bob Woodward Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: October 4, 2006
All the presidents Men

In the film "all the president's men" the two journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward from the Washington Post try to solve the mystery of the Watergate affaire. While there voyage leads them to various ways of obtaining information they do not always stick to the journalist's codex. But how far must a journalist go to receive useful information and how strict can one obey to the journalist codex.

After the Watergate affaire Woodward is told to research on the thieves and see if there is more to it then just a simple robbery. Already at the court he finds out that all the thieves are connected with the CIA and other agencies. Trying to gain more information Woodward finds a lawyer named Marken who has been assigned to the case on demand of the thieves. The strange thing is that none of the five criminals ever made a phone call to ask for that request. When Woodward asks Marken what his connection to the case is he denies knowing anything about it. The lawyer goes away saying he has no further comments. After that Woodward should respect the codex saying that every journalist has to respect the privacy of an individual. But he continues asking Marken about the case. It seems like a violation of the codex, but is it possible to gain information if one would totally obey the codex? The answer is clearly no. The Codex is more or less a guideline made to illustrate how an idle journalist works. It is somehow like an old western showdown where you could draw your weapon before the agreed sign and kill your opponent, so basically achieving your goal, but you will lose your "honour". Most tabloid reporters are like that, not interested in the codex and therefore get information anyway they want to without showing respect. But many others still believe in these guidelines and developed tricks and skills to access information without being disrespectful. Again these tricks are not always compatible with the codex but they a realistic...
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