All the Presidents Men Essay 4

Topics: Watergate scandal, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: May 5, 2009
All the President’s Men

It was June of 1972, and little did the American people know, that their highly esteemed government was soon to be caught in one of the biggest scandals of all time; Watergate. This was one of the biggest impacts on why citizens currently have distorted views of our government and its leaders being thought of as immoral and corrupt. When two reporters named Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were assigned to further investigate this scandal the truth began to unfold and eventually led to President Nixon’s resignation. This proved just how important of a role the media played in brining about the truth in the Watergate controversy; we also saw a whole new light into depths of investigative journalism and the confidentiality of the sources they may need to use. Without a doubt the media played the largest role in bringing about the truth in the Watergate scandal, maybe even more-so than court hearings. One reason why the media had such an impact was because there were so many people involved in it. Originally when Woodward was investigating he saw a break in the democratic national party headquarters and was surprised to find top lawyers already assigned to the case. This aroused further suspicions and in turn his editor and chief partnered him with Bernstein. The team was coined with the name of “Woodstein.” Woodstein worked for weeks digging up the dirt on the scandal, they tried to find everything they could on every single person that could possibly know anything about who was involved. They interviewed hundreds of associates and employees to the Republican Party, they called multiple references, scheduled appointments with those that might have some sort of lead and even had confidential references such as; “Deep Throat” and those that feared their lives would be in jeopardy if they shared information. Once the story was thought clear enough to print it was presented to the editor and he told them that because this was such...
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