All the Green Year

Topics: Boy, The Reader, Eye Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: July 28, 2014
All the Green Year is a book about boys but also for boys. A book about boys can easily be separated from a book for boys. A book about boys would have the things they did and how they lived their life, whereas a book for boys would have many interesting scenes and activities that are outrageous and adventurous. This essay will show the difference and show which half is about and which half is for boys. The first half of this book is not as bold, risky or courageous as the second which makes the earlier statement true. The first half of this book includes more mature themes making it more about boys rather than for boys. This fact can be backed up as there are still extreme activities like riding a camel to school but there aren’t as many as the second. Instead, there are many more developed themes and activities in the first part of the book including, the death of a main character. There is still action in the first half of the novel leading up to different scenes where the pace of the writing is accelerated before a key moment, but this does not make it different to how the opening statement described it. - a book about boys rather than for boys - for example, there was a formal dance in the middle of the first half. In a book for boys you wouldn’t have this because it doesn’t draw in a younger and more interested reader but lets them drift away. A dance is more of a mature kind of thing as it is formal and it is not daring or exciting, the characters, Charlie Reeve and Fred Johnston, are less interested in a dance and would rather be out somewhere doing something interesting, if they did it would make it more for boys rather than about boys. This point shows that it is more a book about boys because boys will have to go through with this, but in a book for boys everything will be more adventurous and grab the reader with different themes. The second part of this book can be described as a book for boys. This part of the book is very interesting and...
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