"All talk and no action." To what extent is this a fair description of man's efforts to protect the environment?

Topics: Environmentalism, Global warming, World Wide Fund for Nature Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: March 20, 2014
The phrase “all talk and no action” refers to speaking, promising, or boasting much, but doing little. This phrase is often used to describe politicians or a leader especially when he is responsible to make a change in the environment. Typically, efforts made to improve and protect the environment are usually paradoxical. This can be seen happening around the world as protecting the environment costs a lot of money, self-discipline, the correct researching techniques as well as the public’s cooperation.

For the past decades, global warming has been the problem faced worldwide. It has caught the attention of many environmental organisations such as Global Environment Facility, United Nations Environment Programme and the Harper government who has adopted few and gutted many environmental laws and policies dealing with rising greenhouse emissions, pollution problems and climate change since 2006.

The Harper government’s main goal was to reduce greenhouse emissions at about 45-65% of the 2003 levels. The goal was set for the year 2050 while a decrease of greenhouse emissions would be noticed in 2020. After a while, their goals experienced several changes as things did not go as planned because of the unrealistic aim along with unsuccessful efforts. Critics including the World Wildlife Fund said that the greenhouse emissions in 2020 will still be higher than the 1990 levels, while Canada will not meet Kyoto targets before 2025, 13 years after its objectives, thus proving that all talk and no action will not help change the world.

Across Antarctica, wastewater from dozens of research bases is releasing dangerously unpleasant chemicals into the environment, which includes penguins and other wildlife. These are the same people who are trying to protect Antarctica, but absentmindedly polluting it. Not surprisingly, the sediment nearest the wastewater source had the highest HBCD contamination, but scientists found out that the levels of chemical in some...
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