All summer in a Day Essay

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Margot, a girl that lives on Venus where the sun never shines. Margot an ordinary girl from Earth moved to Venus when her father got a job there. She has been promised by both her parents that they will go back to Earth soon, where the sun shines everyday.

Margot goes to school and lives underground with the other children on Venus. She is lucky enough to know what the warmth of the sun feels like on her skin. The other kids do not. They have lived their whole lives underground, not seeing a hint of light, of feeling the warmth of the sun on their skin. The reason they live underground is because it is constantly raining on Venus, day in and day out. It is flooding in the ground above them.

Margot has dreams that one day the sun will shine on Venus. Scientists have shown that the sun appears every 100 years or something like that. The other kids do not agree with Margot and do not believe that the sun will shine. They tease her and make fun of her, because she is different from them and doesn't think the way they do. One day, school is going on as normal, when Margot remembers that the scientists said that today the sun will shine. She tell the teacher this and all of the children start laughing at her. The teacher does not believe Margot either.

After school the children are still making fun of Margot. they believe she is lying and they think that she is such a nerd and a loser, therefore they lock her in a closet. The teacher comes to tell the children that the sun is actually going to come out. she asks them, " Is everybody here?" and they all scream yes, eager to get outside and see the sun. The children completely forgetting about Margot in the closet, run out into the sun, playing in the grass and trees. Although soon enough tiny drizzles of rain start to fall from the sky again, and the children have to go back inside. As soon as they get back inside, they remember Margot in the closet, they feel guilty and ashamed, but say nothing.
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