All My Sons

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Instructions for All My Sons Project
As part of your Oral Bagrut in English, you are required to complete a research project. This project is composed of two parts: the written project (80%) and the oral presentation of your project (20%). This project must be handed to the Oral Bagrut tester in grade 11 for the advanced English class, or 12 for the 5 points classes, in order to be tested. You cannot be tested without it.

|שמרו את הפרויקט למבחן הבגרות בעל-פה בכיתה י"ב או י"א דוברים. בלעדיו לא תוכלו להבחן בעל פה. |

General Instructions
Keep all notes, papers, drafts, etc. together in a folder. Attach them to the end of the project. 1. Answer all the questions provided in the instructions in the body of the project. 2. Find and print at least 4 articles in English that deal with the play All My Sons. 3. Your project will be typed in 12 point Times New Roman (except headings). 2 line spacing. 4. Do not put the pages in plastic sleeves.

5. Attach all the articles you have read as well as all your drafts to the end of the project under the heading of Appendices. 6. Spell-check your work, and proofread (בדקו היטב את האיות ואת מבנה המשפטים) 7. It is recommended to work in pairs.

Useful sites:

Step I - Introduction- (הקדמה)
Read the play.
Write an introduction explaining what you think the play All My Sons is about. In which period of history do you think it takes place? Where do you think it happens? Could it happen in another setting (time and place)? Explain your answer in the form of a composition of 100- 120 words.

Step II - Work Page for “Studying Arthur Miller” (fill it up, print, and add to your project) |ID Card for the setting of the play | |Author: | |Time |Place | |Month: |Area: | |Year: |Country: | |Days: | | |Approximate hour of Act I: | | |Approximate hour of Act II: | | |Approximate hour of Act III: | |

|List 3 events that occur before the play begins: | |1. | |2. | |3. | |Write a list of the characters: | |Major characters |Minor characters |Important characters never seen on stage | | |...
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