All Man Is Basically Evil

Topics: Human, William Golding, Sin Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: November 28, 2007
"All Man is basically evil"
A man once said "all man is basically evil". This quote shows how man has no capability to do what is right. It shows how man inner self is only able to do what is wrong. I disagree with this quote in many ways because most of mankind is born with morals and no one can say what is right or wrong because we do not know. In the Lord of the Flies by William Golding it agrees with my interpretation of the quote though many literary elements.

Simon is a character in the Lord of the Flies, he shows how man is not basically evil but instead the true good of a human being. Golding uses characterization to show the true good of a person. He characterize Simon has quiet and shy. When everyone in the island did not want to help Ralph build the huts he was the first and only to help him construct the huts. All the kids on the island where very mean to the little uns, otherwise known has the younger ones. For an example Roger stalked a little un called Henry and threw stones at him, while Simon lends a hand to the younger boys by giving them fruits Simon is characterize has not scared of evil. He also is characterized by not being naïve. While all the other boys where terrified of the beast and crucifying innocent pigs he new from the start that the evil was within the boys and tried to stop them but it was to late. Golding shows is the way Simon dies and it is a symbolism. He lies on the shore in a crucified form and it symbolizes they way Jesus died for our sin is the same way he died for the boy's sins.

Ralph is also a character in the Lord of the Flies. He is characterize has a fair-haired boy, and is very quiet. He is a loyal friend and doesn't let anyone pick on piggy. He acts as a person with great morals because instead of thinking of himself he thinks for the benefit of the group. Also when everyone was picking on piggy he was there to stand up for him. Although he was in dance that ended up in Simon death, he did not do it...
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