All it takes is some faith

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All It Takes Is Some Faith
Being gifted with athleticism is truly a blessing. I have played many sports throughout my years, and I don’t mean to brag, but I am pretty good! I am a fast learner and I pick up on things so quickly. When I am committed to something, I do not give up. I never give up. If I start something, I make sure I finish it. It’s a pet peeve that I have. For example, if I borrow a few dollars from someone, I always make sure I pay that person back, like I said I would. If I don’t, I feel like I haven’t completed something. It was the beginning of my freshmen year when I realized that running was my true passion. I had never been so good at something in my life. My first track meet ever was when I realized my love for the sport, this reason being because I enjoyed being surrounded by people who had the same passion for the sport I did. Everyone had a set goal during the season and was determined to be the best they could be. Over the years, I became friends with some amazing people who doubted as my teammates. I also became very close with my coaches. I learned so many things from them, whether it was with my form or just feedback in general. I was thankful to have some guidance

and people who were pushing me to become a better runner. At times when I was putting myself down, my coaches were always there to pick me back up and encourage me to do better, and let me know the things I had done correctly. If I had done something wrong, they would always point out what it was that I needed to fix so I could learn from it. Not only were my coaches there for me, but my teammates as well, were so uplifting. I trained for four years. Each year, my times were faster, my body became stronger, and I was physically and mentally devoted to the sport. As my senior year came around, I knew was when everything was important, and everything I did was going to matter. It had always been my dream to run in college. It was all I ever wanted to do. No one...
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