All about perception

Topics: Sweatshop, Exploitation, Human rights Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: March 24, 2014

All About Perception
Harsh conditions, extremely low wages, filth, grime and fear, these are all characteristics of those working in sweatshops around the world. Since the early 1900s, when corporations began using sweatshops, the general public has fought against the idea of them and the human rights that are being broken. Yes, these problems are arising and they are vile and horrific but there is another element Americans look past and are ignorant about. Americans are closed minded and choose to overlook the benefits some of these countries are gaining from the sweatshops in their countries. There are so many different aspects of what is ethical and unethical about sweatshops and the stakeholders illustrate the pros and cons on how they are perceived in peoples minds.

Americans share the idea of the dreadful conditions sweatshops workers have to endure and seek evidence to support the claims the make. The context in which the 溺ickey Mouse Goes to Haitivideo explains a sweatshop is, 鍍he desperate poverty and cruel exploitation faced by...workers,(MMGTH). On site journalists seek the exploitation of real families working for the local sweatshop, they are barley able to find food, clean water is scarce and the families are always in debt. One woman will not show her face because of fear of getting fired from her job. These are the tragic realities of sweatshop workers around the world. Obviously, speaking to the workers affected by the sweatshops will give us a very definite idea of what the conditions are but this documentary fails to ask why the families took the jobs, or what they could do to change their current situations. Everything is skewed due to the questions asked and the reasoning behind their choices.
The cons in these situations are clearly horrifying but in the review from Enslaved from Fashion, we gain another perspective of why people make certain decisions. Levi Strauss and Company made the executive decision to invest in a sweatshop...

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