All About My Birthday

Topics: Gulf of Mexico, Rio Grande, Mexico Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Layla Amorim
Too many people consider their birthday the day they were born but little do they know there might have been a huge event that happened the same day. My birthday is June 17, 1993 and on that same day there were 3 deaths, a police car chase and crash, as well as a tropical storm. Angus Suttie, an English potter, died of AIDS at the age of 46 and French of Nouhuys, a civil servant in Indonesia, died at the age of 88 as well. There was also the suicide of a 6 year old girl, Jackie Johnson, in Dania Florida. She stood on the train tracks as a locomotive came speeding down because she wanted to become an angel to watch over her terminally ill mother. In Baltimore there was a car chase for a man named Eugene Rowlett who had been charged with weapons violations after throwing two handguns and ammunition out of his vehicle right before he crashed into a truck. Eugene Rowlett was a convicted felon carrying and transporting firearms. Once police tried to pull them over they threw the guns and sped off soon colliding into a truck injuring two municipal workers, William Smith and Edwin Walker. The final phenomena that occurred on my birthday was the Tropical Storm Arlene. Arlene formed in the late evening of the 17th and continued until the 23rd. Earlier in the month it was in the western Caribbean and then moved towards the Bay of Campeche on the 16th. By the 17th it grew in the southern Gulf of Mexico, and the low became a tropical depression. It moved throughout the rest of the week and started to get weak by the 20th. By that time it was around Rio Grande Valley of Deep South Texas and northeast Mexico. In the end it seems like my birthday was a very gloomy day in many places but in Scranton Pennsylvania it was an extremely happy day for my parents.
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