All about Libya 2014

Topics: Libya, Africa, Mediterranean Sea Pages: 11 (2580 words) Published: April 19, 2015

Hult International Business School

Country Prospectus – Libya

International Marketing
Module B 2015

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Zeid Basyouni
March 2015

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Executive summary3
Political and Legal7
Geography and natural resources8

Executive summary

Libya is a country located in North Africa the crossroads of Europe and Asia with a population of about 6 million people. The capital called Tripoli and the second city is Benghazi. Libya is large like 7 times of UK. The country seems to be experiencing with high growth in the past couple of years. , Libya has 6 neighboring countries and has utilized its strategic location and established free trade agreements with more than 30 countries all of which are critical to its economy and it’s considered as a leader country in the energy sector. Libya has proven crude oil reserves of 48 billion barrel, which is the largest in Africa and the tenth globally; this sector can play a major rule in the growth and the development of the country. However, the country is still unstable with uncertain political and economic transactions, which give an image to foreign economic, and investors to take a step back. All the economic indicators are encouraging and some remain unknown.

Libya is the third largest country in the world and considered by the UNISCO as one of the countries that have a different kind of cultures. The population was estimated in 2012 by Mundi index as 6,244,174 (12% of the population is made up of immigrants) From the 6 million people, about 1.08 are male(s)/female sex ratio with total under-18 populations are 2,258000.The major cities in Libya are Tripoli, which is the capital with 1.127 million people and Benghazi with 650.629 thousand people. The Life Expectancy in Libya is about 72 years for males and 77 for females while the working economic age between 15 and 64 years old.

The Libyan culture basically has ben based on the Libyan cultural heritage along 2000 years ago, which is effected by the people who lived in the Mediterranean sea countries and left a marks of The Barber, Phoenicians ، Fatimid ،Roman, Greek, Bedouin civilzations, from the 16th century to the 19th century. Libya was ruled by the Ottomans Empire and then was occupied by Italians, British and French forces. All this movements played a major affect in the forming of the present country culture. Arabic is the country official language as the country considers as part of the Arab world however there is the Berber and Tuareg groups still speak their own language, which some families using it as part of their culture and heritage. The Bedouin character seems overcomes the majority of cities . In Tripoli the capital based a number of museums like Government Library, the Ethnographic Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the National Archives, the Epigraphy Museum and the Islamic Museum. The Libyan Museum was built by UNESCO it’s one of the most famous places to visit. The traditional dress of Libya is very distinctive in detailed. It is usually similar in the eastern and western region and consists of a long gown and trousers for the lower body. Then a white Cloak White covers the entire body with a cap on the head usully in the east part people used to dark red cap and in the west a black one. Nowadays its very rare to see people waering the traditinal dress in the everyday life unless there is spacif clebratuon or event. The women dress is almost the same with dark read cloak and sometimes white covers the whole body from the head with heavy gold jewerlies. In the south still the people strict with the babers dress wearing haik and larg cloth warpped around the boday with their heads. The Barber womens dress is very bueatifll and colorful. Libya seems to be islamic society and the people and the families are very...
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