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Topics: All About Eve, Marilyn Monroe, Academy Award for Best Actress Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Title - All About Eve
Director - Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Year Release -1950
Margo – Bette Davis
Eve – Anne Baxter
Addison DeWitt – George Sanders
Karen – Celeste Holm
Bill Simpson – Gary Merrill
Lloyd Richards – Hugh Marlowe
Max Fabain – Gregory Ratoff
Phoebe – Barbara Bates
Miss Casswell – Marilyn Monroe
Birdie – Thelma Ritter
Film Genre – Drama

Was It All About Eve Or Was It All About Evil?

All About Eve is a realistic drama about people in the New York theater business. The movie follows how a young woman, Eve, infiltrates a close knit group of professional theater friends, in hopes of becoming famous. The movie has an added story line of how an older actress struggles with aging, and Eve stealing her leading role and man. Through the majority of the movie, Eve sweetly cozies up to all the characters, making herself indispensible, with a naive sensibility. In reality, Eve is very driven with the goal of stealing the lead role in a hit play away from older Margo. All the main characters do not realize Eve’s intentions until it is too late, except for Addison, the movie critic. In the end, Margo finds some happiness with marrying Bill. Their friends, Karen and Lloyd, have their ups and down through out the movie, but end on a positive note and Addison also gets what he wanted; control of Eve. Eve, on the other hand, does get a lead role, wins an award for the role, but ends up lonely and trapped at the end of the movie. In the closing scene of the movie, Phoebe, who like Eve at the beginning of the movie, is chasing the dream of becoming famous, but this time, younger Phoebe is targeting the older Eve. In my opinion, Margo was the most interesting character in the movie. Her dialog was terrifically sharp and her struggles with Eve were believable. She did not sugar coat the truth and expected everyone to love her, no matter how badly she behaved. Margo’s comment of her being worth more then a cocktail and a salted peanut was very...
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