All About Eve

Topics: Sarah Siddons Award, Sarah Siddons, Femininity Pages: 2 (885 words) Published: April 12, 2015
“All about Eve” demonstrates the limits of women’s power. Discuss All about Eve directed by Joseph Mankiewicz’s in the 1950’s imposes limitations on the power of women, depicting them to be bound by gender expectations in a male dominated society. Within the film this is shown by the beauty and age of Claudia Caswell and Margo Channing’s insecurities. The women’s reliance and dependence on men which suggests they are controlled. The ruthless ambition that women poses to have a successful career are based around displaying masculine traits.

Within All about Eve the beauty and age of women causes conflict between many characters. Margo Channing began her acting career at the young age of four. Addison states this during the opening scenes introducing all the characters which he says about Margo “First appearance at the age of four in Midsummer Night’s Dream”. This suggest that the theatre is interested in youth which Margo does not poses as she explains the age difference between Bill and herself “Bill’s thirty two, he looked it five years ago”. This quote is a comparison to men as they do not have to worry about their appearance or age. Margo is very insecure about herself as she believes she is quite old for the theatre and believe that the theatre is for young beautiful women for example Claudia Caswell. Claudia was found by Addison who sees potential in her as she has all the feminine qualities the theatre look for. Although Claudia has no formal position within the theatre, Addison explains to her that she must talk to Max Fabian. Seductively Claudia says to Max “Thank you Mr Fabian” which tells the audience that Claudia will go to any lengths to get what she wants which is to be in the theatre. This demonstrates that women’s power within the theatre is limited, even though age and beauty should not matter, it plays a large part in the decisions of who to choose for the positions within plays.

Women in All about Eve must rely and depend on men to be...
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