All About Accounting Information Systems

Topics: Accounting software, Decision theory, Information systems Pages: 10 (3161 words) Published: August 26, 2010
Subsystem of a Management Information System (MIS) that processes financial transactions to provide (1) internal reporting to managers for use in planning and controlling current and future operations and for nonroutine decision making; (2) external reporting to outside parties such as to stockholders, creditors, and government agencies. Accounting information system is a system of records, usually computer based, which combines accounting principles and concepts with the benefits of an information system and which is used to analyze and record business transactions for the purpose to prepare financial statements and provide accounting data to its users. Some accounting information systems are still manual, i.e. accounting records are made with a pen, paper and manual entries into accounting books. How are Such Systems Used?

These systems can be customized to meet the needs of a business. For example, information technology professionals responsible for business processes and information technology professionals responsible for the accounting information system can work together to develop and implement such a system so that it automatically gets information from other sources already in use by the business. Also, the systems can be set up to feature certain functions that are important to the business and eliminate functions minor to the business. Information can be automatically fed, or manually fed into a business accounting information system at whatever pace and however often it is necessary. What are the Benefits of Using Accounting Information System? Businesses use accounting information systems to make their accounting activities easier, quicker, and more accurate, since accounting records are analyzed and financial statements are prepared within the system, which allows to safe time of employees and avoid mistakes. Since many accounting information systems are equipped with error-reducing mechanisms and gather information regarding transactions electronically and automatically, data entry and computing errors are rare. Also, as mentioned above, since such systems are often automatically populated with transaction information, many accounting processes are less cumbersome and time-consuming when using such system. Of course implementation of such system requires investment and time to be spent on the implementation, however future benefits are much higher that the expenses incurred. Also to consider whether business needs accounting information system and what kind of system is required thorough analysis of business and accounting processes has to be made to determine precise requirements. Explore more information on accounting basics and use home learning accounting courses to understand the importance of accounting for the business. Why wait? Start learning accounting basics now. Accounting Information Systems (AISs) combine the study and practice of accounting with the design, implementation, and monitoring of information systems. Such systems use modern information technology resources together with traditional accounting controls and methods to provide users the financial information necessary to manage their organizations. AIS TECHNOLOGY

Input The input devices commonly associated with AIS include: standard personal computers or workstations running applications; scanning devices for standardized data entry; electronic communication devices for electronic data interchange (EDI) and e-commerce. In addition, many financial systems come "Web-enabled" to allow devices to connect to the World Wide Web. Process Basic processing is achieved through computer systems ranging from individual personal computers to large-scale enterprise servers. However, conceptually, the underlying processing model is still the "double-entry" accounting system initially introduced in the fifteenth century. Output Output devices used include computer displays, impact and nonimpact printers, and electronic communication devices for...
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