All's Fair in Love and War

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All’s fair in Love and War

We have all realized, at one point, that war is a part of our society; it is a part of our lives whether we want to admit it or not. In the times that we are in today the only way to be a hero is to do something charitable, or to stand up for your political beliefs. The sad truth is that our society today no longer accepts the war aspect as being a hero. In my eyes a person that is brave and courageous to risk their lives for someone is definitely a hero. Not only are these brave men and women risking their lives for others, they have lives of their own. Did anyone care to ask the question, does he have a family at home? Does he have a wife, a girlfriend? That doesn’t matter nor do people really care. You yourself chose to be in the Army so the job requirement is to leave and be gone for a long time if necessary. Most people do not understand but loneliness is one of the things that these soldiers experience. Getting close to anyone is a risk of them leaving because you were gone for so long, or isolating yourself from people because you are afraid to have close friends or even start a family to only receive a phone call that you have to leave for a long time. No ordinary civilian understands the hardship of a soldier unless they have experienced it or known someone that has been through it.

I know a man of such hardship, a man who has lost friends in battle, and lost women he loved because they couldn’t handle the pressure of a wait. This “wait” as we both call it, is a long period of time in which a woman, in most cases, has to wait for her soldier to come back. Now this sounds easy and uncomplicated, but it is the hardest thing a woman could do. At first, you are sad and you cry occasionally. Then as months go by you start to feel lonely and worried because you haven’t heard from him in a long time; a month or two is usually the timeframe but in extreme circumstances a lot longer. This man that I so fondly speak of is Sergeant Glenn Michael Roberts. I first met Glenn during my visit to Virginia this past summer. My first impressions were high, so high I feel in love. Not only was this man beautiful inside and out, he had this glow in his eyes that I noticed right away. I wasn’t sure at first what it was but I knew that it was something beautiful he had inside him. It was a very hot day, nevertheless, I don’t mind the hot weather, and I rather enjoy it. We had gone to Virginia Beach that day hot summer day and my excitement was rising by the minute. We took two cars there and since Glenn came along I rode with him in his beautiful fire red Hyundai Tiburon. He wore a wife beater which exposed two tattoos that he had, one on each arm. It’s hard to explain what they were but they were interesting to look at. On the ride there he told me he was a Filipino Army-man break dancer, which was how he put it; I laughed. Now I knew the Filipino part from the minute I saw him but him being a break dancer got me even more excited. He talked about his crew and how he got started when he was in high school about the age of sixteen. “And where did you go to school?” I asked impatiently.

“I went to Havelock High School is North Carolina; now that’s country,” he said laughing. He told me his friend got him into in. It’s a hard sport considering the fact that he put both of his shoulders out of place and he can’t do half of the moves he used to. Doing something like this for five and suddenly stopping can throw you out of shape; but he’s a natural dancer so if he ever decided to go back to break dancing he could do it for sure. “Where is your crew now?” I asked. “Oh most of them are back home in North Carolina; they are all doing big things now, being on TV and doing shows,” he said calmly. He was so calm it almost scared me; he missed it, a lot. I felt for a second that the hot air went cold but then it suddenly disappeared when he told me that we have arrived at the beach....
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