Topics: Love, Fuck, Roscoe Arbuckle Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: August 24, 2013

And that’s the time when I met him.The person who changed my life.Well, its funny how a girl like me could fall in love, you know. But I found something special (or more like weird) in him. And then we started talking and talking and talking and then it happened – We fell in love. I was actually afraid to fall in love ‘cause when it all gets over there won’t be anyone to catch you.Aw.Lol.

He was so different, so sweet dammit.Compared to him, I was nothing, you see. And I was so lucky, fucking lucky, to have him. It was the first ever time I was seeing so much of love. I used to keep asking him ‘Dude, why did you even propose me? I mean, what was so special about me, huh? And then he used to say something so sweet ‘Eman, your special, your unique, and that’s why I love you’. We met twice or so, and the first time I met him, I was like shit shy. He was talking, and talking and I wished he would stop sometime. And there I was standing, and biting my lips, being so feminine. I stared at him, saw his bony legs,that rib tight T-Shirt,a black one,which looked very much HOT ON HIM.I listened to his talks,in between he called his so called bestie Nikhil and started blabbering some crap which I never understood.And then we just went like that,didn’t even say a Bye.Weird.

The second time I met him, was at the same location,the bloody old boring Mega-Mall.I wore a freaky abaya,and surprisingly he liked it.That day we talked more openly and then he did a very strange thing – He whacked my head with some magazine or something and the weirdest part was he did that frequently though I told him that I hated it (But in fact I liked it,sheesh).And unfortunately I wasn’t well that day,but I didn’t consider that as a big deal.And that day ended up so awkwardly,I mean,he gave me a Hi5 and I literally rejected it.Stupid me.And he took it in the wrong way.Though he understood the reason later.Thank God.

And then comes our most epic meeting – The Legendary Park...
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