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DEP 2004

Dr. Raeford Brown
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Text:Crandell , Human Development, , McGraw-Hill Publishers


The course is structured to provide the student with a general knowledge of the theories and principles central to the discipline of developmental psychology. Also called lifespan psychology, this course examines the psychological, behavioral and anatomical changes that take place in the human organism as it journeys from conception through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, senescence and death. Particular attention will be given to a cross-cultural interpretation of developmental issues that distinguish the human family.


A.The student should acquire an effective knowledge-base of the theories principles, and concepts of human growth and development. B.The student should be capable of demonstrating this newly acquired knowledge base on each of the examinations administered in class. C.The student should develop an appreciation for the complexity of the contribution of genetic and environmental influences in the evolution of the developmental process. D.The student will be exposed to information essential to becoming an effective agent in the socialization of children and the cultivation of health family dynamics.

E.The student should gain an understanding of the significance of the cultural diversity inherent in variety developmental expressions emanating from societies around the globe.


Specific Content Knowledge:
1.The student will acquire an understanding of the sequential changes that take place across the life span. These changes pertain to the cognitive, motor, psychological and biological shifts that occur during childhood, adolescence, adulthood and aging. 2.The student will develop knowledge of character of the major theories of development as well as how these theories variously account for different expressions of the qualitative changes that take place across the life span of development. 3.The student will develop an appreciation of the implications of developmental theories and principles for positively influencing the lives of children and families. 4.The student should acquire a fundamental knowledge of the unique quality of cognitive development in children and adolescents that would equip the student to be a more effective teacher and or parent.

Cultural Competency:
1.Students will be exposed to information pertaining to cross-cultural research and theory regarding differences in child-rearing practices around the world. 2.Students will gain knowledge of the concept of cultural variability and its role in child development relative to cognition, motor development, and socialization. 3.Students will be exposed to the evolution standardized testing and assessment and its implications for cultural bias among specific racial-cultural groups. 4.Students will gain knowledge in the developmental precursors to the formation of race and gender identity.


Although no penalty will be assessed for missing class, class attendance is rewarded. Any student who has perfect attendance (some who misses no classes or who can provide legitimate documentation for an absence) will receive credit toward the final Average. A roll will be circulated each day to record attendance. If for some reason the roll is not signed by a student, that student can verify class attendance by presenting dated notes taken for the day in question. Therefore, it is advised that each student date his/her notes each day since this is an effective method by which one could document attendance after having failed to sign the roll. It is strongly advised that students attend class each day since information relevant to the examinations will be provided in each lecture....
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