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Lesson plan - Cover Sheet Trainee TP Booklet Circle if you are teaching 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Materials
State all the materials that you will use, from photocopies to board markers etc. You must make sure that any and all materials are copyrighted. Handout extracted from Face-2-Face Elementary Student’s book. CD player and Face-2-Face audio

Aim of the lesson
Write your aim in such a way so that it will focus on what the student will have done by the end of the lesson. Don’t forget to include the context of the lesson. Personal aims

To make sure I include all the students
To give instructions clearly
To enable students to understand and use the structure of have/has got in the context of possesions.

To develop student’s listening and speaking skills in context of possessions.

Target language
Show examples of your target language in contextualised sentences here I have got a car, but I have not (or I haven’t) got a motrocicle. Have you got a new dress? Yes, I have OR No, I haven’t
She’s got a grey cat
He has got a new house
Classroom management
Include here any concerns or anticipated problems with the classroom management for how you have planned this lesson Students may have doubts about the difference of Have AND Have Got.

Include a plan for your board here
Board plan 1
Board plan 2
Board plan 3

Lesson Plan – Language analysis Sheets
You must use this sheet to analyse your target language for meaning, form and pronunciation (MFP). For each section of the MFP you must give some anticipated problems (at least 2) and solutions (one for each problem identified.)

Anticipated problems









Lesson Plan - Procedure Page

Stage & Aim

Pre- listening:
To create predictions about what the students will listen.

Two groups

3 – 5 min.
Students will be splitted into two groups. Based on what they already know about Sally and Bill, students should try to predict what they have.

Tutor’s comment

Listening for specific information

Pairs - Group

5 - 7 min
Students should compare your answers with the other group. After that, they will hear the audio and shall check their answers. The group that predicted more answers wins Tutor’s comment

Controlled Practice:
To provide an opportunity to consolidate their understanding of the target language.


3 min
Teacher will give a handout in which students should fill in the gaps with have, has, haven’t or hasn’t. Tutor’s comment

Correction slot:
Correct the language and pronunciation.

T - Ss

5 min

Praise and seek feedback from students and point out that have is stressed in short answers but not in questions.

Tutor’s comment

Freer Practice:
Provide an opportunity to use the target language


10-15 min
Students will receive a handout with images and they need to guess which things their partner has got by putting a tick or a cross in the your guess column. After this, they will check their predictions by asking Have you got a […]?, and find out if they were right. Tutor’s comment

Tutor’s comment
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