Aline Deneuve

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Case 1: Aline DeNeuve
1. What are the main issues in the case?
The main issues in this case include staffs member’s attitudes problems and Aline’s misconception about relationship with her subordinates and colleagues. The staff members who were selected randomly have dissatisfactions and attitude problems with their jobs except only one person .They also do not want to attend the retreat. Heather is an administrative assistant and believes that her supervisor Jack did not give an opportunity to promote because she is a foreigner. As a result, she took off sick days many times and does not want to attend the retreat as well. She feels that she is being discriminated by her supervisor and said most staff members do not socialize each other. Jack is Heather’s supervisor and he also does not want to attend the retreat and have dissatisfaction about not promoting. He feels same as Heather; because he is black so could not promote. He also said some staffs have been taking off office supplies at their home so company needs solution for this problem. In addition, he thinks the company needs better orientation and socialization program for new employees. June is manager of customer service and thinks the last retreat was just wasting time. She feels so stressed by her work.

Before I explain about the staffs’ problems, I found that Aline also has some problems about her misconception. Even though, she has an experience about a training program on employee diversity with high degree of success in previous work place, her perceptions do not fit as a director of training and development. She disapproves of a friendly relationship with her subordinates and colleagues. She still does not realize that unfriendly relationship among the co-workers would affect their
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