Aliens, Fact or Fiction

Topics: Area 51, Sky, Science fiction film Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: November 5, 2008
Aliens, fact or fiction
When we hear the word Aliens, we often think of the imaginary little green men from mars trying to abduct us from our beds at night. When in fact it so seems they do or something does exist, in this great universe of ours. Sometimes on Discovery or Science fiction networks, you will find ‘in search of’ type shows that talk to or about people or places that have been ‘affected’ by the alien visitors. I have heard stories told and seen many strange things pertaining to “Aliens”. My Grandmother told me once, one such story, on one of my many trips to her home, in the rural Arizona desert. As I sat at her dining room table one evening, watching Grandmother busily working in the brightly lit kitchen of her old mobile home. My Grandfather, was in the living room, watching their old television console set with its volume blasting away. We couldn’t help hearing the television, a program came on about Aliens. My Grandmother suddenly stopped peeling the potato in her hand to exclaim, “ that is such shit! How can anyone in there right mind, be so arrogant as to think that God created us to be in this great universe alone. It says in the bible, there is more things in heaven and earth then dreamt of. So you know we are not alone here.” She continued on,” My Daddy worked as a civil engineer at the Roswell air base in 1947. He said there was something really strange going on at the base for awhile. A lot of people coming in and out of the base, boxes and bags being taken to and from the place, but of course it was none of his business.” She continued saying, “ soon afterwards we moved to Peduka. Those times were hardly spoke of by my Mama and Daddy, but when they did they refered to it as the comic strip incident. As Daddy was sworn to secrecy and could never really tell exactly what he saw or heard while employed at the air base, or would be court marshaled by the government or worse. Mama often mentioned it with a code word. I know he...
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