Aliens Existence

Topics: Universe, Earth, Mind Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Aliens Existence
This is a never ending debate. Do aliens really exist? Does anyone have proof that aliens exist? If they do, why can’t we spot them with the help of our space instruments? Why don’t they fly down to our planet as we do to theirs? The questions keep boggling minds of kids and adults alike. But the truth remains that aliens do really exist. There are simply established facts and reported incidents, some even with videos, with proof that aliens really exist. Yes, aliens do exist, but there is some clarification that must come first before concerning what you mean by aliens. Aliens do exist and if we want a wide interpretation of the word alien, including all living consciousness that are not us, not residing near us or of the same grouping as ourself, then we would open a Pandora's Box and this argument would need to be as long as an entire book. Everything you perceive from earth, rocks, insects, trees, flowers and humans is composed of living consciousness, not of course of our same level of comprehension, but living matter nevertheless. Fortunately we know what we mean when we talk of aliens, so other than to say that the experience of even animals is so different that they could almost be classified as aliens to our world, and it is amazing that we can co-exist as well as we do. So we will not include other living consciousness less than our own or that we do not perceive, but try to limit our explanation to similar types of living beings that we would like to sit down with and enjoy conversation and a cup of coffee. We will not be considering animals here either or any of the countless realities that swirl through, around close to our own physical earth. We cannot perceive them, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist, and quite as real as our earth. (Meagher) This subject covers so much ground that the best we can do is scratch the surface. I think one of the great ironies of our civilization at this stage of its development is the...

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