Alienated Labour- Karl Marx

Topics: First Nations, Indigenous peoples, Indigenous Australians Pages: 5 (2312 words) Published: April 5, 2013
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Alienated Labour by Karl Marx

The 19th century German, Karl Marx presents the alienation of labour in one of his many works. He explains aspects such as the man from the product of man’s labor, in the process of production, of man as species-being and of man and man. When I think of alienation, I think of when First Nations people first were alienated by the residential school system and the affects its caused to the labor abilities of Aboriginal peoples of Canada. All these aspects, the main point of alienation is the man, and it’s in activity of labor. But the occurrence doesn’t change; the main point is what changes are done to understand it. Marx also looks at another type of alienated focus, that of the no-worker, who has its own characteristic types. In this sense, alienation is not high-class of the worker, but of course it is important. In society that is the process of alienation that has stretched from the process of consumption by process of production. The process does affect not only the worker and the no-worker, but also the consumer, by the means of generating alienated needs. Most interesting to me was the aspect is alienation of man from man. A direct consequence of man’s alienation from the product of his work, from his reality and from his ones-existence, is the alienation of man from man, the statement that man is alienated from his ones-existence means that one man is alienated from other man sets an example that Aboriginal peoples were alienated by Residential school system. In addition: “ The alienation of man and in general of every relationship in which man stands to himself is first realized and expressed in the relationship with man stands to other men”(pg.20) In large part, Canadian history, all people who have had the experience of feeling alienated or apart from their selves and their community. First Nations people are particularly prone to alienation, because they are the one people who have been systematically singled out by the majority culture for assimilation. The banning of traditional practices, like the Potlatch and Spirit Dances, had the effect of depriving people of their identity. The residential schools and other damaging practices almost wiped out languages and a style of living that has been almost impossible to retrieve. The challenge is still there, as leaders stress, if we are to move forward. Poverty, substandard housing, and unemployment still continues to wave First Nations communities, putting, particularly Aboriginal people at risk of alienated labor. Anyone who looks at the history of this country can see what has happened to the different peoples as the European explorer, trappers, missionaries and finally military forces converged on North America. First Nations people of Canada did not experience the long costly wars of conquest that native people did in the United States. However, the damage to First Nations culture has been devastating, but despite this, we have survived as a people. For anyone to give a thumbs down on someone who is talking about what they lost, abuse and how and why, you are not really any better than those who did that to them. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be taken from my home, my family, my culture and to be told that who I am or what I am is wrong. And on top of that punish me for it as a child. Then all these years later someone actually says what happened was wrong, it was discriminatory and it was abuse, and yet still have to defend who I am, what I am and why, is not right. Most Natives are not blaming the general public, as some of society would like to believe. They just want what was taken away from them. A lot of society have no idea what it is like to grow up differently than others, sure many had abuse, both physically, sexually and alcoholic parents, but imagine all that and having the color of your skin different and the way you look different? All back when things were not as open and...
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