Alien vs Predator Essay

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David Clark

Mr. Norton
January 10, 2013
Alien Creature

An alien creature is known to be a foreign identity distinct from humans in which follows the structure of film. In the world of film there are many guidelines to be followed, many scripts, many directors, many companies with big budget but few out of many make a mark in culture to be named a classic. The films to be reviewed are off the decade of nineteen eighties where industrialization became major and the war on drugs was at its peak but the media of film was becoming successful due to the modern Hollywood blockbuster format. The genre of alien creature can be relative to the genre of science fiction and an essence of horror creating a subgenre. In our world, film is a series of stills and image composed into media as video in which is very well appreciated with special effect, computer generated images and complex photographing. The filmmaker voices a piece of paper and visualizes it with video for the audiences to understand the depth of the written language and to be captivated in motion picture. The genre of alien creature has two sets of movies in which are remarkable in the fictional script of an extraterrestrial forming to be the antagonist. In Ridley Scott`s, Alien in which has formed to be one of the biggest media franchises to be a science fiction film in which captures the attention of individuals with its twisted alien in which relates to the structures of the Hollywood block buster as a success. In John Mctiernan `s Predator in which the modern civilized alien to be in control and be able to kill everything in his way, which relates to Hollywood because it was such a classic which relative to following the Hollywood blockbuster format. The film formula is a mapping of the layout of the movie of a genre in which is followed and deals with the plot of a movie. The alien creatures genre film formula consists of a team of people go on a mission, investigate on case, study alien life, gather all necessities, begin to collaborate to form a leader, many deaths the team splits, abandon others survival counts and the last standoff find rescue.

A mission is an act of sending someone or a group of people for specific purpose or tasks to do. The two movies in which fit the genre of alien creature can be compared in order to fit the characteristics of this genre. The first step in the film formula is a crew of people in which are related in some way that have a purpose to pursuit and out of some circumstances they meet begin by encountering an alien in which will cross their paths and become the antagonist. In the film Alien, directed by Ridley Scott starts out in the time far from ours in space in which a spaceship by humans called Nostromo receives a signal of sos in a nearby planet while being in a mining exhibition to receive tons of matter and bring back to earth. The crew of the Nostromo decide to explore the planet in which the sos received by this planet, resetting every twelve seconds. The crew of the members land on this planet, and decide to explore it out of curiosity. The crew at this point has reached the first basic step of receive or develop some form of a plan in order to pursue in which starts the ball rolling in a film for such reasons to end up with the exploration and then encounter with such alien creature. In the film, Predator, directed by John Mctirernan a group of Commandos are in the amazon receiving orders in order to capture some form of a job to rescue a group of soldiers in captivity or to be rightfully lost. The group of people in which seem to be heavily armed are trained for any situation and have a strong team to pursue any mission, in which the idea behind this one is do a full day mission end up recouping a couple of men probably lost or in captivity bring them over the border and call it a day. The movie starts with the group leader, being the protagonist of the film suggesting to work alone but the FBI...

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