Alien Speech

Topics: Planet, Earth, Universe Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: February 20, 2015
Have you ever stood outside on a clear summer night and gazed up into the sky? If so, what did you see? Likely what you saw was movement and life everywhere in the form of airplanes, satellites, comets, or meteors. Don’t worry though; you’re not the only one that lets your mind wonder about extraterrestrial life. What if I told you, they live among us? You are looking at one. Believing in aliens isn’t such a crazy idea at all, and once you hear what I have to say, you might become a believer too. Alien movies were meant to be stories that kids are told to scare them of who and what aliens really are. Big bold eyes, round head and tiny bodies? No these are characteristics of fake aliens and what they look like. Take a look at me; I have none of these characteristics. Ever since we made contact with the government, they have been attempting to distract people from the reality so they wouldn’t be frightened. Today, many people believe there isn’t any extraterrestrial life, but it is statistically possible. I’m going to start by unveiling the shear enormity of the universe to help us understand that the possibility of an earth-like planet is likely. Next, I will explain why we are here on Earth today, and finally I will end with how we will help your planet. Extraterrestrial life is statistically likely given the size of the universe. Our sun is one of sextillion stars as estimated by NASA. For starters, stars provide light as a source of energy which helps promote photosynthesis. Secondly stars provide heat. This is important to both plants and animals for helping regulate body temperature and promote the processes that are necessary for life. With sextillion stars and multiple planets possibly per star you could imagine how many opportunities for life there really are out there in the universe. According to a NOVA documentary, our universe is in fact ever growing and infinitely large. So it seems logical that given billions of possibilities, at least a...
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