Alien Abductions: Immigration Essay

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Immigration Essay

The old and new immigrants changed the way we lived. They brang a lot of good things to America, but they also brang a lot of bad things. They brang more words music and culture here to America. On the other hand they also brang disease and poverty. The immigrants have changed over the years and the “New” immigrants weren’t so happy about that.

The old immigrants in (Doc 6) don’t want the new immigrants to come to the U.S. because they didn’t want any more change and poverty in this country. The old immigrants were mainly trying to stop the overflow of the immigrants. In the past the old immigrants were the same way looking for jobs land and freedom, but over time they became wealthy and stubborn.

(Doc 4). Around the time of the civil war in 1886 the Irish people immigrated to the U.S. then over time to show their loyalty they served in the union army. Why might you ask they join the union well they felt that the constitution and the safety and the welfare of this adopted country was in danger.

(Doc 1).some people argued for immigration like one man named Thomas L. Nichols. He states” it is not the just the money alone that adds to the wealth of this country it’s the every day productive labor”. We benefited from the immigrants by them giving us many things like music, culture and new words added to the dictionary. According to Nichols passage he explains how the immigrants are hardworking, brave hearted, self respecting, intelligent Americans.

But some people are against immigration, like one senator in 1849. He went immigration saying that the danger thought great is not totally without a cure. The reason they are against them is because the German and Slavic will eventually populate our country within fifty years. They also say they live in isolation, the speak strange languages not knowing anything about politics and having different religious beliefs.

So back in 1845 – 1933 many people were not happy with the immigration...
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