Alice Walker Outling

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Alex Teague
Language Arts outline
5-2-07 3rd period

Alice Walker Outline

I. Alice Walker was not only one of the most superior African American writers over the century, but also an activist in the civil rights movement, growing up in the time period where African Americans were just beginning to experience equality. In addition to her work about race, she wrote about the poor treatment that black women faced, and was often criticized for her portrayal of the black man being the bad guy. The color purple is one of her most profound books, involving racial discrimination and same-sex relationships. A lot of her novels and stories are based on her childhood experiences.

II. Difficulties growing up
A. She was the youngest of eight kids to parents that were sharecroppers. (source # 2) B. At the age of eight, he brother scarred and blinded her right eye with a bb gun, in a game of cowboys and Indians. C. She was constantly teased by classmates and no one in her family understood her, so she became shy and reclusive. (source #2) D. She was a southern black girl, growing up in a rural community, during a time when blacks had no rights. (source # 3) E. Walker’s state of mind identified in the following quote, shows her perspective on her life thus far; “Black women are called, in the folklore that so aptly identifies one’s status in society, the ‘mule of the world,’ because we have been handed the burdens that everyone else –everyone else- refused to carry.” (source # 1) F. In the winter of 1965 she wrestled with suicide after deciding to have an abortion, and some of her poems recount the despair and isolation she felt at the time. (source # 1)

III. Educational background
A. she attended a segregated high school in Eatonton, Georgia, and she had inspiring teachers. ( source # 3) B. She first attended Spelman on a state scholarship. - During these two years...
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