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Alice Walker

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Alice Walker
Trough past and modern times many Individuals have tried to find the strength and courage to speak about taboo subjects, like the double standard of women sexuality. Many have fail and succeed with their attempt, all of the coming from differ backgrounds and social standards and others were to sacred to even try. Individuals have been able to speak about the matter but have not reach the success of one writer like Alice Walker. Alice Walker, a 20th Century opinionated, women activist writer who had experiences on the “doubled standard” of not just African American but any women sexuality, wrote novels, short stories, and poems on women rights. Coming from such a small rural family, who will think that Walker will become one of most controversial and respected African-American novelists of all time? Her third novel “The Colored Purple” one of her most controversial novel talks about the sexual abuse that many women go through unfortunately her critics view was a negative portal of black men. Her works are still powerful and are read thought High school and College level Education. Alice walker was born on February 9, 1944 in Eaton, Georgia. Her parent’s names were Minnie Lou Grant Walker and Lee Walker, Walker was born last of World War 2 as a member of the baby boom generation. Walker was the last child of eight children .Walker was loved by her family and adored by the community. When walker was a baby she won a church contest for the most beautiful baby. Walker describes her early childhood as a time of freedom and a time when she felt beautiful and affirmed. Walker parents had little money but they were better conditions when Walker was born especially since before there were times where it was hard to feed their children. Walker’s father was a famer who made his living as a sharecropper. Walker’s mother like most African American women during the rural south 19th century time , work many jobs to help provide for her family. The children in walker family including walker consisted of three girls and five boys. Walker was particularly adored by her older brother and sister, Bill and Ruth. Ruth was nearly seven years older than Walker but was a mother figure to walker during the early years of Walker life . Walker was always considered bright and her family encouraged her to purse her creative impulses. One day of the age of eight Alice was playing with her brothers Curtis and Robert and unintentional shot from one of her brother’s bb guns got into Alice eye resulting in permanent blindness. After her accident, Alice's grades plummeted. Because of the noticeable scar in her right eye, she became an easy target for the other children in her school who teased her mercilessly. Alice personality changed significantly. The once out-going girl who loved to speak in front of crowds, became withdrawn and introverted. Because she is teased by her classmates, Alice became deeply ashamed of herself and began to believe that she was ugly. When people would look at her face, she would quickly turn away or look down. She refused to look other people directly in the eye for fear that they might stare back at her and see only her scar.(Gillespie 1-19). In 1961 because of her eye accident Walker received a scholarship to attend Spelman College, a historic college Black institution dedicated to educating future African-American women. During her time in Spelman walker became activist. On a bus trip to Atlanta that her community pay for Walker inspired by Martin Luther King and others, on purpose Walker sat in front of bus which was not allowed in 1960 and was forced to move but I Think that incident started her activism. Walker was an active participant in the fight for Civil Rights in the state of Georgia. Alice stood on the lawn of Trevor-Arnett Library, where she listened to the...

Bibliography: on Alice Walker
“Alice Walker”. 2013. The Biography Channel website. Feb 03 2013. http://www. This source is a biography about Alice Walker life and Writings that include synopsis, early life, early works, The Color Purple Recent Works and personal life. I didn’t like the source because it didn’t have a lot if precise clear detail information. I like hoe it was broken into sections so the meaning is clear. It really didn’t have a lot on her personal life and just about her works.
“Alice Walker”. New Georgia Encyclopedia. Web. 2008. This source is a biography for Alice walker in an online encyclopedia. I though source was a little brief but it had important information on her books and influences, and awards. While I was reading it I found some of the information interesting, since an encyclopedia I fell that it was little too short it included more information about her childhood and family life. Over all I thought the site was useful for my research paper especially to research the difficult subjects.
Bloom, Harold. Bloom’s Modern Critical Views on Alice Walker. Philadelphia: Chelsea Publishers, 1989. Print. This book is about reviews on Alice works from several critics. I found this book very interesting because each critic has their view and also have passages from each work that they critic. This book was helpful because critics are very detail with their reviews. Even though they found help I didn’t agreed with some of the reviews because Alice Walker is a great role model not just for African women but all women in this society.
Gillespie, Carmen. Companion to Alice Walker: A Literary Reference to her life and work. New York: Facts on File in.., 2011. Print. This source is a book on Alice Walker that contains, as short biography on walker, entries on major works, entries on related people, places and topics, such as feminism and a list of awards of Alice Walker. I thought this book was amazing because of the format of the book was very clear and did have helpful information on her personal life for example childhood etc. and detail information on her work.
Dani, Chris ed. “Living by Grace: The Life and Times Of Alice Walker ‘’. Tripod, Apr 1999. Web. 28. Apr.2013. This source was a website that a person created on Alice Walker. it include everything that you need to know on Alice walker from her bio, works , personal , awards , college life, reviews from critics , her writing influences , fun fact, famous quotations and much more . I love this site because it was very helpful for my research and it one site that I was able to get the information that I need to complete my work. Many of sites didn’t go in detail and this one did and it presented in clear from where I was able to understand it.
Walker Alice. Interview, “An Interview with Alice Walker.” Mar.2003. Web In is interview with Alice walker and talks about what walker did about her movie that colored people. In this interview took about how she got the idea for the movie and explains the whole process of it and what it took to make this movie a reality, she was talks about the actors who played in movie. She was talks how she dealt with her harsh critics and even though it caused a little pain she said she has no hard feelings and defends herself. I chose this source because I feel it is important to show how passionate e walker was to get point cross.
Walker, Alice. Interview, “Books Show Lessons from Ancient People.” Mar.11 Web. In this interview with Miles O’Brien walker talks about her book that she had which was By the Light of My Father 's Smile. I like this source in the interview she explains why talking about sexuality is an important thing and people should no sham again she talks about her critics and said that she is not going to care what think which I enjoy and I agree with sexuality is nature think and because we don’t discuss crimes are being committed.
Walker ,Alice . “Everyday Use”. Literature and ourselves. 6th Edition. Day, Bill , Henderson, Gloria, Higgins Ann, and Waller. New York: Person Education, Inc., 2009 913-920. Print. This essay is about a girl who grow up really not caring about her mom or her sister or her culture but when she went to college then she realized how import her culture is. She takes seriously to the point that she wants a family quilt that her mom has. I think the is essay it like my family because between me and my sister I have always been the one who was interested in where I come from and my sister hasn’t until recently.
Walker, Alice. “To whom it may concern: With Special Attention to The Prime Minster, Attorney General and speaker of the Knesset in Israel”. Alice Walker Gardens. Np. 10 Nov. This source is a blog that comes from Alice Walker own Website it fill with bogs, poems and source more from the Alice walker. In this blog Alice is fighting for an Israel women so she can get Israel citizenship. I chose this site it shows how walker defends what she believes in and does not care what people think especially it for human being rights. It just proves from my point about how far she will go through no matter the consequences.
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