Alice Walker - flowers

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Alice Walker – The flowers

“The Flowers” is a story written by Alice Walker, in 1988. It’s a 3th-person narrator that tells the story. The story tells us about a girl, whose name is Myop. She lives near a forest in a cabin with her family. Sometimes she walks in the forest with her mother, they collect nuts among the fallen leaves – actually they have done it many times, so that’s why Myop knows the forest very well. One day she is out for one of these walks, but by herself. This day something is different in the forest, and Myop decides to go home, but suddenly there is a man…lying in the forest floor, just beside a wild pink rose.

When first we meet Myop she is walking near her house, playing around with her stick making sounds, she is walking towards the forest. Myop is a ten-year-old girl, and it seems like she still is a bit naive and unaware of what is going on in the world. This I also therefor I think the name Myop maybe could come from the expression “myopia”, which means narrow sighted or shortsighted. Myopia causes that the image you see, when you look at something in a longer distance, it’s out of focus or most likely impossible to see.

That day she was walking in the forest alone. She made her own path, going that way and that way, while she was collecting blue flowers. She was having fun all by herself. She seems very innocent, but also confident, because she is walking all by herself. Normally she likes to walk in the forest, and also this day until something changes, suddenly the forest doesn’t feel safe anymore, and as a reader you get a feeling of fear on the behalf of Myop. In the text there is written “the strangeness of the land made it not as pleasant as her usual haunts”(page 1 line 24). Here you begin thinking of what might happen since things suddenly are different than they use to. Myop is getting insecure and afraid, so she decides to walk back home to the house, but on her way home she stumbles over something. “It was...
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