Alice Walker

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Alice Walker

Karin Leiva

November 6, 2012
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Alice Malsenior Walker was born on February 9, 1944 in Eatonton, Georgia. She is an American author, poet, and activist. She has written both fiction and essays about gender and race. Her writing mostly focuses on the role of women of color in their culture and history. Alice Walker actually expresses’ her feeling in any of her works. She usually reflects on herself and her feelings through her writing and because of this she has won various awards. Books such as: Temple of my Family, Possessing the Secret of Joy, and the Third Life of Grange Copeland, in these books she explains her feelings and talks about how racism affected a certain person or how they were treated. As Alice Walker said, “"To me, the black woman is our essential mother, the blacker she is the more us she is and to see the hatred that is turned on her is enough to make me despair, almost entirely, of our future as a people." In 1691, Alice Walker had entered Spelman College, where she had joined the Civil Rights Movement. When she graduated and got married, they both worked together in Mississippi, registering blacks to vote. She then went off helping others who had been thrown aside for wanting to vote. Ever since then, Alice Walker has mainly focused on the struggles of African American, as they witness against societies that are racist, sexist, and violent. Throughout her writing career, Alice Walker has been involved in the black movement and displays strong feelings towards the respect black women get. Cause of this she has won several awards for her plain depiction of racism in her novels. She has been one of the most suppressed writers in American Literature because of her writing style. She is also, best known for the critically acclaimed novel The Color Purple, for which she won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize.

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Walker began publishing her fiction and poetry work during the Black Arts movement which took place in the 1960’s; she worked with other writers such as Toni Morrison and Gloria Naylor. This got her to be a commonly associated surge in African American women’s literature. Walker than began an inspiring person and taught African American women’s studies to college students in various universities. She had protested against the cruel rituals of female circumcision in Africa and the Middle East that this had made her a vocal supporter for the international women’s rights. Some of Walker’s novels are personal, for example: In one of her novels she had written about an experience she had when she got pregnant and had to give an abortion, she wrote how she felt and how it affected her. Ever since the beginning of her career, she has written sixteen books in total, 5 novels, several collections of essays, short stories, children’s books, and poems. Alice Walker has a different type of writing style throughout her novels, essays, short stories, etc. Even though they are different each talks about her feelings, something she has experienced or how she feels about the role of women of color in their culture and history. Throughout Walker’s essay “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens”, she talks about the main things about her tradition which were the artistic abilities they had. In this essay, it focuses on the family heritage and how it all came along. On page 83, it says “For they were going nowhere immediate, and the future was not yet within their grasp.” Within this quote, Walker is making us realize that her family does not know that the future they have is for them to identify their artistic ability and accept it as their heritage.

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One of Alice Walker’s famous books are “The Temple of my Familiar”, she talks about the life of a black child being excluded from a group because of her race. Alice Walker combines magic and reality to create...

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