Alice Walker

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Alice Walker was an activist and feminist because she protested for the right of blacks to vote in Georgia and Mississippi. She was against racism and also sexism. On March 8th 2003, 5,000 protestors and Alice Walker marched from Malcolm X Park to the White House for women to have the same human rights as men. She also made an activist group with 60 other female activists in order to persuade Israel and Egypt to open their borders in Gaza. She wrote and supported various civil rights activities. Alice Walker was a black history consultant a person who would give talks on the rights of black people to the Friends of the Children Mississippi Head Start Program: a program which provides families with a range of services as in education and early child development, medical, dental and mental health, and nutrition and parent involvement. Alice Walker worked for the Civil Rights movement and was a full time author. Infused with political activism Alice Walker’s writing often focused on the difficulty of black women. In recent years she has worked to increase awareness about female genital mutilation.

What Methods Did She Use?
Alice Walker would create protest groups and do walk outs such as The Freedom Flotilla a protest group which was formed to persuade Israel and Egypt to open up their borders into Gaza, when they were going to sail into Israel she and many more protestors were taking letters written with solidarity and love by people all over the world, I remember when I was in Year 6 some protestors came over to my school to request us to write letters for the children of Gaza. Alice Walker stated if the Israeli Military were to attack them it would be just like attacking the mailman. She looked up too Mahatma Gandhi as inspiration and Alice Walker was courageous too not give up. Alice Walker was also known as an author writing many books all based around racism and sexism. She took this as an advantage to let people of what was happening...
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