Alice Munro Grammar Didactic Question

Topics: Linguistics, Relative pronoun, Relative clause Pages: 2 (1110 words) Published: June 8, 2015

The present didactic question is framed in the methodological guidelines of our current curriculum and contemplates activities as units of planning in the third level of curricular concretion. Literary aspects of L2 are very much related to the culture and civilization of a nation and therefore they are an important knowledge to be achieved by students in order to be proficiency in the L2 they are learning. According to CEFR, national and regional literatures make a major contribution to European cultural heritage, which the Council of Europe sees as a valuable resource to be protected and developed. Thus, due to the inseparable nature of language and culture, and the complexities of intercultural communication, the FL classroom has become the best place to help students develop cultural understanding and intercultural skills. LOE and LEA both articulates the teaching of a FL in a competence-labelling system, based on the eight basic competences referred in the CEFR, being the most important one for our area of knowledge the competence in linguistic communication. According to CEFR, competences can be viewed as toolboxes from which the user draws the resources to carry out activities but which are modified and added to by the communicative process. This competence has a number of component parts: it includes linguistic, socio-linguistic and pragmatic sub-competences. Morphology and syntax form part of the Linguistic competence, which comprises the knowledge and skills related to lexis, phonology and syntax and other features of language systems, considered independently of the sociolinguistic impact of variations in use and of the pragmatic functions of the utterances produced.

Royal and Autonomic decrees for Secondary Education highlights the importance of morphology and syntax in goal number 5, which reads “To use correctly the phonologic, lexical, structural and functional aspects of the foreign language in real contexts of...
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