Alice Munro and James Purdy

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Alice Munro and James Purdy are two authors who have opposite writing styles. Alice Munro's stories function as Mimetic realism while James Purdy's stories function as visionary realism. Munro's stories can be seen as mimetic realism because her stories can be viewed as imitating reality. James Purdy's stories function as visionary realism because he writes in a way to try to reveal something to the reader but never quite tells the reader full details of the story. Alice Munro an author who writes mainly on human nature writes her stories in order to enlighten her readers about people in different situations and to feel sympathy for the characters that she draws up. Most of Munro’s stories function as mimetic realism, which can be described as imitating reality. It is very life like in the sense that the reader can understand the struggles or be able to relate to the character as much as possible. For example, in the story “Train”, Jackson jumps off the train before it reaches his home town because he wanted to walk the remainder of the way in order to think a little longer (Munro 175). However, instead of going in the direction of his home he starts to walk in the direction that the train had already covered. On his walk he comes in contact with a woman Rehman 2

named Belle, which she offers Jackson a place to sleep and food in return for work around her property. In reality. When readers read this story, they may get a sense that the events that occurred are true to life and may have once occurred or they were completely made up. In the story, Jackson is a war veteran returning home. The reader may get a sense that Jackson is missing something in his life and may not want to return until he has become self-satisfied. Many of Munro’s readers may feel connected to Jackson because they may understand his thought process in not wanting to return home so soon in order to achieve what they utmost...

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