Alibrandi Chapter Questions

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Chapter 26:
1.Josie says she is beginning to ‘feel free….from herself’ this means her problems in life are easing from herself and she doesn’t care about the goss, she was starting to feel free. 2.Nonna responded to Marcus yet stay with her husband because she wanted a better future for Christina, and she felt that if she went with Marcus she was betraying her family. 3. Nonna suffered for her ‘indiscretion’ by having to listen to Francesco and not being able to offer all her love that she wanted to towards her daughter. 4. The ‘deal’ that Josie makes with her Nonna is that Josie will be quiet about Marcus and Nonna would let Michael come back into Nonna’s house. 5. Josie feels so grateful because she was loved by the two strongest women she would ever have met in a lifetime. Chapter 27:

1.The way John Barton is different on this occasion because he seemed to be talking different to Josie and acting weirder like hugging Josie and swinging her around and always saying I’ll do anything I want. 2.The advice that John Barton gives to Josie is to try be friends with Ivy. Chapter 28:

1.John committed suicide taking his life away by overdosing. 2.Josie pours out her feelings to Michael about her sufferings. The things that made her want to kill herself were she hated being illegitimate and that the kids were always cruel. 3.John’s poem reveals that he saw nothing in life for a while and was all alone, that things weren’t going to change. Chapter 29:

1. Ivy and Josie reconcile because Josie saw a positive side to Ivy. 2. The proposition that Michael makes to Josie is that Michael wants to adopt Josie and for her to have his last name. Josie’s reaction to this is excitement wanting her Mum to change her last name as well she can’t wait to change her last name but wants to discuss it with her Mum and Nonna first. Chapter 30:

1.Jacob ends the relationship because he doesn’t want to get serious with anyone...
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