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China is a place where miracles are made.

- Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba Group1


On 6 November 2007, debuted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, raising US$1.5 billion to become the world’s biggest internet offering since Google’s initial public offering (“IPO”) in 2004. A frenzied purchase of the stock pushed prices up by 193% on the first trading day, making it the fourth-largest first-day gain in Hong Kong’s stock exchange in three years. The closing price of US$5.092 per share valued at about US$25.6 billion, making it the fifth-largest among global internet companies and the largest in Asia outside Japan. It also made the company’s stocks among the most expensive in Hong Kong, 3 trading at 306 times the projected 2007 earnings of US$83.6 million.4 In contrast, Yahoo, a globally recognised dotcom brand that held a 39% stake in pre-IPO, and Japan’s Softbank, which owned 29.3% of prior to the IPO, traded at only around 60 times their projected earnings. In other words, shareholders had displayed extreme optimism about’s earning prospect by paying a significant premium to own the company’s shares.


Barely a week after the IPO, was already reported to be in talks with Softbank to set up a joint venture in early 2008 in Japan. Although the Japanese telecom giant disclosed no details regarding the venture, it was likely that would expand its service to mobile users in Japan, a market that had been impenetrable to the Chinese e-commerce company.5 On the home turf, parent company Alibaba Group had already proven its mettle by topping EachNet, an older rival backed by global leader eBay.6 Founder and chairman Jack Ma had made it his aim to make the Alibaba Group one of three largest internet companies in 1




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US$1 = HK$7.76425 on 6 November 2007.
Kwong, R and Mitchell, T (7 November 2007) “Alibaba Shares Soar on First Day of Trading”, Financial Times (Asia Edition).
US$1 = Rmb 7.4638 on 6 November 2007.
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the world and a Fortune-500 company.7 Could the IPO be the first step to’s global market dominance, or would it be overtaken just as quickly as it rose to regional preeminence?

Internet and E-Commerce in China

The world’s most populous nation had 162 million internet users as of June 2007.8 Although the Chinese internet-using population was second only to the US, 9 China’s internet penetration rate of 12.3% significantly trailed that of the US, Japan and South Korea, whose penetration rates were above 65%.10 Nevertheless, with the penetration rate growing at around three percentage points annually [see Exhibit 1], China was expected to experience even more rapid growth in the scale of penetration, having crossed the critical threshold of 10% and heading into the steep phase...
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