Alias Grace Essay

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The Doctor’s Relationships

The novel Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood portrays the character Doctor Simon Jordan as an example of one’s professional and personal lives becoming intertwined, and how it becomes difficult. Simon has once dreamt of a “long fragment of hair of an unseen woman, which is twining around his neck” (Atwood 227), and describes this suffocation as “painful and almost unbearably erotic” (Atwood 227). This quote begins to show what Simon has an affinity for, and the type of women he is attracted to. Doctor Simon Jordan is most attracted to females with a corrupt past, and this is ultimately the reason he leaves Kingston. Most notably this is evident with his attraction to Grace Marks; however it is also shown in his lack of interest to Lydia and his affair with Rachel Humphrey, who he only noticed after her husband left.

Rachel Humphrey and Simon’s relationship is an example of his attraction to females he cannot be with according to societal standards. He is a doctor and her husband left her; she is not even divorced by the time she begins having an affair with Simon. Rachel’s feelings for Simon are obvious. Subsequent to her dramatic faint in which Simon helps her, Rachel “has a habit of materializing outside [Simon’s] door when he’s trying to work” (Atwood 345). Through their relationship, her feelings become much more intense, and she is sure he knows. ‘“Oh Simon,” she sighs. “I knew you would never leave me! I love you more than my life”’ (Atwood 491). Even after he is gone, Rachel does not wish to be with her husband, and sends Simon multiple letters. Simon, however, is attracted to Rachel because “[s]he at least is something he can grapple with, take hold of. She will not slip through his fingers” (Atwood 448). He likes this about her, that he always knows his place with her, something he is unsure about with Grace. With Grace, he is always confused and alert, “[w]ith Rachel however things are reserved” (Atwood 439). Even though he...

References: Atwood, Margaret. Alias Grace. Toronto: Seal, 2000. Print.
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