Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood: Summary

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“Alias Grace”

By Margret Atwood

In the novel, “Alias Grace” by Margret Atwood, based off on and Irish born servant named by grace marks, killed her employer Kinnear and his mistress Nancy in which later the reader tends to find various key events inevitably surprising throughout the novel. It discuses how Atwood foreshadows certain events by dropping clues throughout the entire novel such as the three crows grace and her mom spotted before boarding the ship across the Atlantic, as well as that one particular night during Halloween with the peeling of an apple superstation, and Mary Whitney’s pregnancy symptoms.

Before beginning the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, Grace and her mother spotted three crows. As mentioned in the novel, superstition says that when coming across three crows together in a line it usually symbolized death. Considering that fact that they are about to go on their voyage across the ocean, I then took in the thought that maybe perhaps someone throughout the story was about to die or come close to dying during the voyage. Unfortunately, exacly as how I imagined it would happen it actually occurred. Graces’ mother died of an unknown sickness that caused horrible stomach pain.

Another event in which Atwood uses foreshadowing is when Halloween night came about. Legend says that on the night of Halloween, young unmarried lady’s who were curious about their feature husband or as they like to say “sweetheart”, were to grab an apple and carefully peel off the skin and toss it over their left shoulder for the apple was to form the first letter of their husbands’ initials. It was then that Mary attempted to do it but unfortunately failed right after the moment the skin of the apple tore apart, meaning, Mary wasn’t going to have a husband unlike Grace who attempted to do it and formed a J. Nonetheless, Mary later died of a botched abortion and went away without having the chance to get married. It was then that I/the...
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